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This section focuses on the subject of entrees.

Delicious Chicken Pesto: Taste the Decadence of Coastal Italy

Chicken Pesto

Chicken pesto has been as much a part of Italy’s rich and colorful culinary history as any other traditional dish you can think of. What separates this chicken dish from all others in Italian cuisine is a special sauce called pesto, which originated from the coastal region of Liguria, Italy.

Pesto comes from a region of Italy where healthier ingredients are preferred over traditional Italian flavor enhancers like garlic and thick cheeses. The Liguria region of Italy is the third smallest region in the country, and stretches like a narrow ribbon west from the coast of France.

Much of the cuisine that originates in this region is centered around freshly grown herbs, which explains why many of its citizens has some of the longest life expectancies in the world. Pesto sauce is made with a combination of herbs that are grown in the region, including basil and a rich blend of olive oil.

Traditional pesto sauces are made this way, but ingredients can be substituted in various portions to make the sauce either spicier and sweeter, or more tangy and rich.

Our chefs use a traditional pesto sauce to create a delicate crust around a juicy and lean grilled chicken breast. This basil crusted pesto chicken breast is paired with a vibrant charred tomato, to add a touch of color and a smoky, sweet flavor. Our pesto chicken is then basted with a smooth coating of roasted shallot jus lie and served with a side of cannellini beans.

For a taste of the coast of Italy, dive into this dish and enjoy the zesty flavors of a true Italian classic!

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