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Backyard Grilled Barbeque Chicken

Backyard Barbeque Chicken - BistroMD feature meal of the week!


Every great summer isn’t complete without a great backyard barbeque! Even though barbecues are great, they can still be a lot of hassle. The food preparation, the clean-up, and the summer heat can take a toll on those fun summer barbeque plans. Why not relax this summer and let BistroMD bring the summer food fun straight to your door?

Barbecuing has been a staple in our summer food culture for quite some time. Dating back even before the Civil War, people would host barbecues at their homes with close friends and family. Usually, a pig was on the menu, and a barbeque usually meant that there was cause for an enormous celebration. Barbecues weren’t just a family affair, and many were hosted by different organizations including church gatherings, political rallies, and private parties. It was in the late eighteenth century that chicken became a more popular substitute for pork, and more traditional barbeque side dishes were developed, like vegetables and potatoes.

Unlike today, few people were allowed to grill the food. In the early days of barbecuing, pit men were the only men allowed to cook any of the food. Some of the oldest barbeque pits consisted of a concrete floor with a tin roof and walls. Barbecues brought many people together for some great summer fun, which is why they are still so popular today.

No summer would be complete without some barbeque taste, which is why BistroMD serves up summer sensation with our hickory barbeque chicken breast. The best part: all of the preparation and clean up is done in advance. Marinated in a unique blend of spices, and using only the most lean and fresh cuts of chicken breast, your taste buds will be dancing in summer delight with our special hickory sauce. Our unique hickory sauce is seasoned with quality ingredients, and its smooth texture will definitely give you the summer flavor you crave.

Chicken isn’t the only thing on the menu, because no backyard barbeque would be complete without some fun summer sides. Our roasted summer vegetables will make your taste buds feel bright! Roasted corn, tossed with lively peppers alongside fresh steamed broccoli makes for some tasty summer sides. Your taste buds will be dancing, while your body will be trimming and slimming.

It’s hard to believe, but summer gets sweeter when a great-tasting meal such as this contains only 5 grams of fat and 340 calories. To make sure your hunger cravings are curbed, the meal contains 37g of protein for absolutely sumptuous satiety.

Have your summer fun, and still lose weight in the process! With BistroMD’s backyard barbeque chicken you can have a healthy summer and still enjoy the foods you love to eat!

Written by bistroMD Team. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on August 29, 2019.


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