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This section focuses on the subject of entrees.

A Colorful and Unique Salmon Dinner Dish

Salmon Dinner Dish

BistroMD is excited to present some new entrées and one of those is our savory Salmon with Red and Yellow Pepper Coulis.

A North Atlantic salmon fillet is oven-seared ever so tenderly and complemented by a smooth, fire-roasted red and yellow bell pepper coulis. This delectable salmon dinner dish is also served with a generous helping of blended quinoa that includes a julienne of sun-dried tomatoes. It’s perfection on a plate!

This salmon dinner dish makes for a perfect meal because this it is extremely healthy for you. Salmon is an excellent source of protein, essential Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.

This salmon dinner dish goes well with a colorful red and yellow pepper coulis and it is certain to have your taste buds thanking you for ordering BistroMD. A little history about coulis: Coulis is a French sauce that is generally thick and evenly textured and usually made from fruits and vegetables. While coulis definitely adds a sophisticated element to the presentation of a meal, its main function is to enhance to the flavor of an entrée. You can expect maximum flavor enhancement with this dish from BistroMD!

Quinoa is a nutritious plant that is related to spinach and chard plants. Its appearance looks like a grain and it was a staple source of nutrition among pre-Columbian civilizations of the Andes in South America. What is best about quinoa is that, unlike rice, it is rich in protein, amino acids, and several other nutrients. That’s why replacing rice with quinoa is many rice-based dishes these days is becoming more and more popular. Believe it or not but one serving of quinoa is like adding the protein of four eggs, twelve grams of fiber and half of the daily recommended allowances of iron, manganese and magnesium. It’s delicious and crunchy!

This delicious salmon dinner dish is one of our best creations to date and we’re very excited for you to try it out. We’re confident that you’ll find it exceptionally appetizing, and surprisingly nutritious. 

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