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Why the Fasting Diet is a Diet Myth

Why the Fasting Diet is a Diet Myth

Most dieters looking for ways to lose weight consider a fasting diet at one point or another. Fasting has been around for centuries, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good for you. Your goal should be to lose weight in a healthy way and keep that weight off permanently. While a fasting diet can enable people to quickly drop pounds, it is not a very sustainable method of weight loss.

As opposed to popular belief, fasting weight loss mostly drops water from your system and not fat. Thus, in the long term, you will not lose the necessary fat to reach your dieting targets. With this in mind, your goal should be to choose a weight loss plan that will allow you to shed pounds and keep them off. With that being said, Bistro MD could be the perfect option for you!

Why is Fasting so Popular?

No discussion of fasting would be complete without examining why it is so popular. Much of the appeal of fasting weight loss is due to the fact that it will allow you to drop a good deal of weight quickly. This means that if you are looking to squeeze into a dress for a party or a wedding, a fasting diet can seem rather appealing. Additionally, celebrities who have used the fasting diet have recently popularized it through interviews in magazines and on television. BistroMD can provide you with nutritional meals you need, through doctor-designed gourmet food that can give you healthy dieting, with fast results. Some of our clients see results in as little as two weeks. Fasting may seem like a great idea, but fasting as the perfect key to weight loss is essentially a diet myth. It is unhealthy, and it can cause you serious health problems.

The Problems with Fasting

There are many problems with fasting, but one of the largest issues is that you are unlikely to meet your protein needs. A fasting diet often revolves around drinking only water or juice. Quite frequently, this is the case with a detox diet. The problem with this type of fasting is that your body doesn’t receive the full nutritional spectrum that it needs. BistroMD can provide you with all of the nutrients and protein you need to lose weight, and keep it off. Our meals are structured so that your body gets the proper protein it needs. Our meal plans are also customized to fit your specific nutrition needs, so there is no guess work involved in preparing your meals.

Fasting and Protein Issues

Anyone who is looking to lose weight or get in shape may find that a fasting diet is quite problematic. For example, if you are working out, fasting will literally prevent your body from rebuilding due to the lack of protein in your diet. Without enough protein, your body will not be able to make the most of your workouts and help you build new muscle. Thus, in this fashion, fasting can actually work against your fitness goals.

Fasting, Fatigue and Dizziness

There are quite a substantial number of additional issues with fasting. It may not come as much of a surprise that fasting can leave you feeling weak and dizzy. While it may be okay to feel weak for a day or so, most people have busy schedules and can’t perform necessary activities if they are not feeling well.

Many people attempt the fasting diet, but quickly find that they cannot commit due to the fact they feel so weak. They may give up mid-way through the process. These types of radical shifts are considered to be “yo-yo dieting” or on again/off again dieting.

In order to achieve healthy weight loss, there is nothing that says you can't lose weight by eating satisfying portions. BistroMD can get you on the right track to losing weight the healthy and safe way.

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