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8 Diet Reminders Before Giving Up

Struggling with weight loss? If you have attempted all of the numerous approaches and still have found no solution, you may be highly discouraged and ready to buy out. Remind yourself of these eight things to help you get back on track!

8 Diet Reminders Before Giving Up

Struggling with weight loss? If you have attempted all of the numerous approaches and still have found no solution, you may be highly discouraged and ready to buy out. But bistroMD has come to the weight loss rescue, offering the encouraging "Don't Give Up Diet" plan! Bounce back and tackle those health goals with these eight things to remember before giving up on your diet!

The 8 Things to Remember Before Giving Up On Your Diet

1. The First Days Are the Toughest

Though making the plunge to make such healthful changes is the first step, actually taking and following through with the strides provides results. The initial first days always tend to be the toughest and most overwhelming. On average, it takes 21 days to build a habit so stay strong with your new modifications because in time, you will only be stronger.

2. Take One Day at A Time

Unfortunately, weight loss is not a straight shot to the finish line; it involves multiple avenues and speed bumps. While some days may seem tougher than others, learn to take one day at a time. And even if a day appears dark and impossible, try to find the light in all situations.

3. Small Changes Make Habits

Instead of biting off more than you can chew (also literally), embrace small changes to your diet and exercise regimen, as they tend to be more achievable to implement. Minor adjustments may include reducing soda intake from three per day to two or adding another five minutes to your run. Small changes can create big results!

4. Food Is Not a Reward

So you went to the gym and gave it your all...This means an ice cream celebration, right? Wrong! Thinking of food as a reward following good behavior and hard work can be detrimental to weight loss. In place of food, start keeping tally of workouts completed. Once you have reached a certain number, treat yourself to a new pair of running shoes. Though the enjoyment should continue to live on in food, it is important to think of food as nourishment rather than "treats." However, it is critical to allow and plan indulgences, as restrictive diets may lead to binges once that craved food is in sight or offered.

5. Changes Are Challenging

Even when making smaller changes, all changes can be challenging. It is often human nature to be resistant to change, the reason why most individuals veer away from and decline new journeys. Nonetheless, the process will have trials and tribulations, so do your best to overcome them!

6. Expect "Failures"

Whereas each individual has their own version of "failing," remember to not foresee perfection. In the presence of perceived failures, reflect on the effort made up to the point. Instead of resorting back into old ways during stressful moments, embrace the struggle and "failure" and prevail with accelerated exertion.

7. Remind Yourself of the Possibilities

Whether good or bad, remind yourself what could potentially happen to your health and why you started in the first place. For instance, if making healthful changes, you may envision yourself in a dress you have been longing to fit into. But without any changes, you may realize what is truly at stake – developing a chronic disease, taking years off life, and compromising time spent with your loved ones.

8. Health Is Ongoing

"Rome was not built in a day." Although seeming cliché, so much truth holds in that traditional quote. Ultimately, you cannot expect large changes in a short amount of time. Though reaching a number on a scale may be a personal stopping point, weight maintenance and health is an ongoing journey!

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Written By Christy Zagarella, MS, RDN. Published on December 13, 2016. Updated on August 21, 2019.


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