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Childhood Obesity

Learn life-changing information about the prevalence of childhood obesity, and actionable steps that you can take to insure that the children in your life grow up happy and healthy.

5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teens

The teenage years are difficult enough to navigate on their own, and even more so if you find yourself overweight. Ditch the shame and embarrassment that many overweight teen experience with these helpful tips.

5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teens

5 Easy Weight Loss Tips for Teens

Between finding your place in the world and battling peer pressure, it's not easy being a teen. In an effort to conform to certain body ideals popularized by classmates and the media, many teens subject themselves to unhealthy and even dangerous dietary practices to lose weight. Teen weight loss shouldn't stem from a desire to meet others' expectations, but to improve their own health and self-confidence. Use the following weight loss tips for teens to encourage teens to maintain a healthy weight and a sound dietary and fitness regimen that will persist into adulthood.

Cut the Sweet Talk

Teens today are bombarded with countless, slick advertisements of sugar-laden treats and beverages. However, an easy technique to encourage teen weight loss without sacrificing vital nutrition is by reducing or eliminating added sugars from the diet. While forbidding sugars altogether is an impractical weight loss tip for teens today who often confront empty calories in processed packaged foods whether they seek sugars out or not, replacing sodas and fruit drinks with water, tea, and homemade, unsweetened beverages can train your teen's taste buds to prefer naturally-occurring sugars to added sugars.

Break the Fast

While the desire may be strong for teens to skip meals as a shortcut to healthy weight loss, calorie deprivation is actually counter-productive to the aim of weight loss. According to the Mayo Clinic, the prolonged fast that occurs when you skip a meal like breakfast actually increases your body's insulin response-promoting fat storage and weight gain. Encourage teens to eat fresh, wholesome, minimally-processed foods in regular intervals to rev up their metabolism and energy levels throughout the day.

Encourage Healthy Attitudes Toward Food

While parents want what's best for the health of their teens, they occasionally inadvertently express this in negative terms that shame the eating choices of teens-admonishing certain foods or questioning why healthier foods aren't selected. This behavior can not only lead to a lifetime of unhealthy attitudes toward food, but the guilt that may arise in teens may cause them to engage in dangerous eating disorders that require physician intervention. Instead of disparaging unhealthy foods, laud the merits of clean foods so that your teen is naturally drawn to these foods.

Go On a Digital Diet

In your arsenal of easy teen weight loss tips, none is as immediately actionable as encouraging your teen to hit the escape key on his or her digital life. Between smart phones, tablets, and laptops, teens today often spend more time on their social media lives than their real lives-and their physical activity levels take a nosedive as a result. Motivate your teen to stop surfing the web and start surfing the great outdoors with regular participation in a recreational sport or extracurricular activity that encourage physical fitness.

Diet as a Duo

If your efforts to convey weight loss tips for teens have proven unsuccessful, consider volunteering to join your teen in his or her weight loss program by incorporating the same dietary and fitness regimen into your life. Not only will you provide your teen encouragement by serving as a supporting teammate, but you can each encourage the other to stay on track with healthy living-making your teen more likely to adhere to and succeed on his or her diet plan.

If you're struggling to convey the benefits of teen weight loss to your child, you can help serve as an example for his or her success by participating in one of bistroMD's nutritionally-balanced weight loss programs that are designed to aid in weight management.

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Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on January 14, 2018. Updated on August 01, 2019.


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