What to Expect and Look Forward to During Your bistroMD Journey

Awaiting your first bistroMD box? Discover what to expect and look forward to during your bistroMD journey - even beyond the cardboard box stocked with meals!

What to Expect and Look Forward to During Your bistroMD Journey

You likely ordered our meals expecting to lose weight. While that will likely serve true, you can expect much more than that from us!

Setting these expectations lays down the foundation and what you do with them will truly flourish your progress and growth on the bistroMD program!

What to Expect and Look Forward to During Your bistroMD Journey

So you have meals in hand (or on the way)... Now what?! Along with your weekly chef-prepared meals, we’ve highlighted some key pieces that we are taking responsibility for, as our commitment to YOU. Our team is committed to providing you with a positive, life-transforming experience, and it all begins with you, right now.

1. Balanced Nutrition

BistroMD is founded on the science and expertise of Dr. Caroline Cederquist. Each meal is scientifically-balanced to ensure healthy and sustainable weight loss. Take notice of portion sizes and the parts that make up a meal, it will come in handy!

We recognize you have individual needs and preferences. Our Registered Dietitians nutritionally design meal plans with this in mind. So every week, expect a meal plan that is yours and yours only.

2. Fresh & Delicious Gourmet Meals 

Co-founder and foodie Ed Cederquist is committed to using the highest quality sources in each entrée. Working with the bistroMD chefs, prepared meals feature the freshest ingredients without unwanted fillers and unnecessary ingredients. 

Our culinary team is continually seeking out new ideas for your meals and then get to work in our test kitchen so each meal meets specific nutrition criteria. Be on the lookout for new meal announcements so you are one of the first to add to your menu! We actively listen to your comments and do our best to fulfill your recommendations. 

All-in-all, expect great tasting, wholesome meals using fresh ingredients prepared in small batches.

3. Variety & Flexibility

Nutritionally balanced and gourmet meals are ample (with over 150 options)! This allows you the ability to choose your menus each week so you get meals you look forward to. We do encourage you to try new things and be adventurous. Growth and change happen outside of your comfort zone!

Going out of town or your daughter visiting from college? No worries, we’ve made our meal plans flexible to answer your life’s needs. Desiring a full week’s worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks? We have that covered. Only looking for lunch and dinner options? We have that covered for you, too. Simply come back to this mybistroMD account and let us know what you need in the _____ section to adjust your program.

4. Live & Ongoing Support

You will never be alone during your time with us. This is why we make it simple to connect with our Member Service, Registered Dietitians and other members of the bistroMD community to ensure you feel supported and obtain the answers and guidance you deserve! 

5. Up-to-Date Resources & Tools

BistroMD offers more than meals and snacks you receive from us, this is a lifestyle that we have embraced and will share our knowledge and experience with you! Use our resources found here in myBistro, the Health Library at bistromd.com as well as the materials that will be sent to your inbox to stay up-to-date on nutrition, exercise, wellness amongst a host of other topics from our team!

Show Up for You

The bistroMD team is here to honor you and we ask that you do the same for yourself to maximize your personalized bistroMD program.

These include a positive attitude, willingness to learn, and an open mind!

1. Never Hesitate to Reach Out

Remember, we are always here for you! That being said, never hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Inquiries include, but are not limited to, billing questions and nutrition concerns. Desiring some motivation and support? We promise to always provide that to you, too!

2. Be Open-Minded

Our team of dietitians and chefs work endlessly to provide hundreds of menu options. While we understand not all recipes satisfy everyone’s pallets, we hope you can be open-minded and explore various tastes and textures. 

Besides, it is not every day you get to taste gourmet cuisine from so many regions around the world! And, really, you never know whether or not you like something if you never give it a fair try!

3. Trust the Process

We understand some days and weeks may be more of a challenge than others. While it may be easiest to get hung up on the minute details, try to see the big picture and trust the process.

Stick to your personally-designed menus and our proven guidelines for successful weight loss. If abiding by the plan and still stalled in progress, reach out to our dietitians. They are always willing to help troubleshoot and restrategize guidelines to help get you back on track. 

4. Willingness to Learn

We are constantly learning as a team to improve resources and tools for you to use to your benefit. So, take the time to explore around and try to learn something new each day!

Our Health Library is a great place to start, as it is loaded with nutrition tips, fitness advice, and everything far and in-between. Sign up for our weekly newsletters, too!

5. Commit to Yourself

You are the purpose behind what we all do every day and are committed to your journey. In return, make a commitment to yourself. 

Commit to taking it one day at a time. Commit to making small and sustainable changes. Commit to the process. Commit to yourself. 

You are worth it! 


The thought of weight loss and reaching health goals can be stressful. But we hope we can take the stress out of your equation, ease your mind, and empower you to enjoy the process.

This is such a life-transforming journey you are on and we are undoubtedly inspired by you. Allow yourself to enjoy the process.

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