Step-by-Step Guide for Crushing Cravings

Did you know cravings for certain foods may be physiological, psychological, or both? Learn how to crush cravings with this step-by-step guide!

Step-by-Step Guide for Crushing Cravings

The human mouth has exactly 32 teeth, with one extra tooth that seems to crave the sugary treats more than we would like… The sweet tooth.

While a dentist may not be able to point it out, we all know it’s there! (And sometimes those savory and salty teeth…) 

Despite their often pesky persistence, learn how to crush any craving right in its tracks with actionable steps!

5 Steps for Crushing Cravings

Follow these five steps to help crush cravings in a snap!

1. “Am I hungry or not?”

Give yourself a 5-minute pause to discern if you have signs of hunger, including a growling/empty stomach, genuine need for energy (or calories), and feeling lightheaded. 

If you’re truly not hungry, you may be bored, stressed, or tired, which can be remedied with activities other than eating.

2. “Am I thirsty?”

Sometimes thirst is masked by hunger, so make sure that you are drinking adequate water. BistroMD recommends at least 64 ounces of water per day.

3. “Have I eaten my meals and protein snacks?”

When we are ravenous, we tend to make unhealthy choices. Keeping our bodies fueled and hydrated helps prevent cravings and overeating.

4. I have eating my meals and protein snacks, drank my water, and I am still experiencing a craving!

Give one of these two options a shot:

1. Try a low-calorie option that is satisfying to you to prevent overeating, including a frozen Greek yogurt bar, sugar-free popsicle, or pudding cup. Treat these low-cal indulgences like treats and do not place a protein snack with them.


2. If you have difficulty limiting to just one serving and/or having sugary foods only intensifies your craving, then it’s best to avoid foods with sugar. This is because sugar triggers the release of brain chemicals, known as endorphins, that can increase appetite. Try one of our recommendations below for a more savory snack!

5. Continue being your amazing self on your health journey! 

If you indulge your craving, don’t get down on yourself - we are all human! Just get back on track and be kind to yourself.

Craving Crushing Snacks

For those savory-based cravings, try one of these nutritious and satisfying snacks:

  • Crave-curbing toast: 1 slice whole-wheat bread + ⅓ avocado + squeeze of lemon juice
  • Crunchy chickpeas: Drain a can of chickpeas, spread on a pan, and roast at 400*F for 40-45 minutes until dry and brown. Add seasoning with sea salt, lemon, and spices. Enjoy ¼ cup as a serving.
  • Savory celery: 2 Tbsp hummus topped with a sprinkle of sunflower seeds on celery sticks
  • Guilt-free guac: 2 Tbsp guacamole + sliced cucumbers and radishes

Happy craving crushing!

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