How bistroMD Helped a Health-Conscious Physician Get Her Life Back

BistroMD is not just about losing weight but feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. Learn how a health-conscious physician got her life back and the lessons she relearned with bistroMD.

How bistroMD Helped a Health-Conscious Physician Get Her Life Back

Sarah is a physician and has been health conscious for her entire life. But when she started menopause during the COVID-19 pandemic, she gained a lot of weight rapidly.⁠ 

“I just didn’t feel good in my body,” Sarah says. “I felt tired and uncomfortable because I wasn’t fueling myself right.” ⁠ ⁠

With bistroMD, Sarah lost over 20 lbs and reached her goal weight.⁠ ⁠

Sarah compares how she felt before bistroMD with how she feels now: “I was on a hunger rollercoaster. I would wait too long between meals and get too hungry, which would cause me to eat too much junk food. I’d feel great again for a little while, but then I’d get hungry again and subsequently crash. Now, I’m hungry like clockwork at mealtimes and I’m satisfied when I finish eating. It is so nice not to be on that hunger rollercoaster anymore!” ⁠

She adds, “I relearned a lot of lessons with bistroMD. It was especially helpful because my body changed during menopause and I had to reset my equilibrium. This meal plan, combined with a new highly-structured sleep schedule, helped me regulate my menopause hormones.”⁠ ⁠

Congratulations, Sarah! We're honored to be part of your wellness journey and love seeing you succeed.

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