How a New Year's Resolution Turned Into Life-Transforming Wellness and 100 Pounds Lighter

With the help of bistroMD, Jeff lost 100 pounds while gaining life-transforming wellness. Learn how Jeff dropped the weight and shifted his mindset for a healthier, happier life.

How a New Year's Resolution Turned Into Life-Transforming Wellness and 100 Pounds Lighter

Weight loss is a shared goal amongst many New Year’s resolutioners, though most fall off the bandwagon quickly. In fact, most studies suggest 80% of New Year’s resolutions will get abandoned just one month in!

For Jeff, though, not only did he surpass the one-month mark of his New Year’s resolution but successfully trailed to six months. He didn’t stop there and is proof good things take time…

Jeff first began bistroMD because of a New Year's resolution and details, “I was living like an old man. I couldn't go for walks with my dog and I couldn't tie my shoes in the morning. You can be an "old man" at 52, if you'd like or you can make a change."

Tired of that way of living and sick of following his "pretend diet", consisting mainly of chicken breast and spinach, he was in search of a diet meal plan that not only worked but also provided great tasting food. With the help of bistroMD, he transformed his health and eating habits.

Jeff explains, "This weekend I banished the "all or nothing" approach I've taken in the past. I stuck with the bistroMD meals even with all the temptations of a three-day weekend without just locking myself up." 

For Jeff, the “old way” on the weekend was indulging in several beers and buffalo wings on Friday night, trying out the new burger place on Saturday, and drinking “the whole damn cooler of IPAs and sitting on the couch ALL day during the game” on Sunday.

“New” Jeff on the weekends meant enjoying happy hour with one Japanese beer and a half dozen raw oysters on Friday and walking right past the new burger place and ordering an ahi poke bowl with brown rice on Saturday. Sunday’s all-day lounging turned into an active two-mile walk followed by one IPA. 

Staying committed to his health and self - all while still enjoying his weekends and life - Jeff dropped an impressive 50 pounds in 10 weeks! He explains, “Today makes 10 weeks. 50lbs lost, started hiking and running again. Feeling much better. I intend to keep this going and I'm at the point where I don't think about going back.”

Oh, and did Jeff keep going! Never giving up and not going back, Jeff’s weight loss journey did not stop at 50 pounds. Or 60, 70, or 80…

"Well, there it is, 100 pounds lost. Unexpectedly this morning, a number I knew was on the horizon but didn't know would appear on the 204th day, 29 weeks plus a day along the path." Jeff further explains, "BistroMD has helped me break the drive-through habit loop I was in. Since joining bistroMD I have come to understand the idea that there aren't any "no" foods. I like how I can adjust bistroMD to fit my lifestyle." 

What an inspiration Jeff is to us and to countless others! He is undoubtedly a testament that true change takes time but consistently committing to your health, despite any difficult obstacles and hurdles, is what matters most. 

We really could not be more proud of Jeff’s physical and mental transformation nor thrilled to be a part of his truly life-changing journey!

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