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Young Adult Shares Her Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy Eating Habits

In a world that revolves around soda and sugar, it is nearly impossible to live a healthy lifestyle. As a young adult, I am concerned about my generation’s eating habits, and how they will affect our lifespan, not to mention our lifestyle.

A lifestyle based on soda and candy, verses a lifestyle based on heath and exercise, is very dangerous. In America, health isn’t seen as a necessary priority unless you live in a place that you walk around in your bathing suit for half of the year. Even then, people seem to think plump is perfect. In some cases it is, if you’re doing it the healthy way.

A healthy person isn’t necessarily a skinny one. No body types are meant to be a size double-zero at the age of twenty. It’s just an unrealistic portrayal from the media that expresses the ideal that if you aren’t skinny, then you aren’t healthy. This outlook is very hypocritical considering most models are living some of the unhealthiest lifestyles there are.

Being faced with the concerns of anorexia is not beautiful. It is a distasteful message that Americans buy into because what they see is expressed as beautiful. Meanwhile, behind that picture is a girl who hasn’t eaten in weeks and can’t wait to finish her photo-shoot so she can go eat, but then has to make herself vomit afterwards because that’s her version of a ‘healthy lifestyle’.

If only there was an easy way to remain healthy while not having to read every single label before you consume a piece of food...

BistroMD is a company that help you do just that. Not only is it the best of the best, it’s literally just a click away.

Being a cross country runner for the past six years, I have discovered on my own path how important your health is and how even the small things add up. I have changed my friend’s lifestyles as well by showing them how easy it can be to live a healthier lifestyle. Motivation is the key.

But sometimes our motivation is thrown out the window when that doughnut is right in front of you, so how do you resist? Think about how you will feel after you consume that piece of junk. Will you feel satisfied? No, because you are what you eat and if you eat garbage, well guess what you’re going to feel like?

So go ahead, next time you want to pick up that French fry or that ooey gooey chocolate bar, think about the outcome. Would you want to go exercise right after? No? Then you probably shouldn’t be eating it anyway. Healthy lifestyles aren’t easy to live, but then again, being unhealthy is probably a harder lifestyle than you can imagine.

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