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Why Can’t I Have Another?

By Jack Campbell

Our family tends to celebrate every occasion, happy or sad with food. Every holiday, birthday, wedding anniversary, birth, and even death are always concurrent with food. You could definitely say that we agree with Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine when he was quoted to say "Let food be thy medicine...". The sharing of food amongst one another, no matter what the occasion, certainly made everyone “feel” better. It is a known fact that food helps your body physically and mentally.

Hippocrates believed that a “good diet” along with a few other components were beneficial to the natural healing process of a sick being. I agree with him whole heartedly. However, I’m sure he didn’t have to worry about his patients overindulging on a triple layer chocolate cake. I believe that if he were around today he would have a heart attack just knowing about all the sugar, fat, preservatives, carbohydrates, and all those unpronounceable ingredients on the labels of food available to us in this day and age. These food products cause many of my family members a few extra pounds which in turn have led to health issues. We need to go back to the basic food groups and learn how to combine them to make tasty, savory dishes without all that extra hoopla added. For example, my mother swears on her grandmother’s grave that in order for someone to get over the flu or cold they have got to consume multiple bowls of homemade chicken soup. Chicken soup for lunch and dinner for a few days straight shortens the duration of the cold or flu. It may sound crazy, but it seems to work in our circle. Her other favorite remedy is used for a sore throat and for what we call the creepy crude cough. The combination of boiled water, fresh lemons and natural honey work every time to relieve that sore throat and cough. This concoction doesn’t taste bad either. What one eats does directly affect the health and welfare of one’s body and soul.

Being a future chef, I can safely say that I love to consume good tasting food. Unfortunately, good tasting does not mean good for you. Take that triple layer chocolate cake mentioned earlier. Its basic ingredients are not bad for you used separately. What about the chocolate used in the recipe, good or bad? Back in the time of the Aztecs, chocolate, or xocolat, meant bitter water. They drank chocolate mixed with vanilla, chili pepper and achiote. This was said to medicinally help with catarrh, a thick exudates of mucus and white blood cells caused by the swelling of the mucous membranes in the head in response to an infection of some sort. Hippocrates would have been proud. However, once the Europeans heard of chocolate they sweetened it by adding sugar and milk and then eliminating the chili pepper making it more appealing to drink. Shortly after that, the chocolate bar was created. Consequently, the chocoholic of today was born as well as the CAG, chocoholic anonymous group.

Seriously though, being able to create food that tastes good as well as keep you physically and emotionally fit is very important. Numerous companies and corporations revolve around the diet industry in one form or fashion. Whether it is by reducing one’s body fat or adding muscle to your body, or even food made for specific illnesses such as diabetes, someone is preparing a plan, program, or menu to help. It is a multi-billion dollar industry. We would be fools to believe that what one consumes does not directly affect one’s health. All of the people in this industry as well as the consumers of their products and Hippocrate

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