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What is the Zone Diet? New Ways to Eat Healthy

The recent success of the zone diet has been making waves in the community. Learn about it and how bistroMD does all the hard calculations for you.


If you follow celebrity culture at all, either online or by reading popular magazines, you have probably read about the success than many celebrities have had with the Zone diet. The Zone diet is based on the balancing of protein and carbohydrate ratios of the food you eat, instead of concentrating only on caloric intake. Like other good diet programs, it is not really a "diet" at all, but rather a new way of eating healthy and providing the proper nutrition for your body.

The reason why many people, celebrities and regular folks alike, have found success with the Zone diet is that it does not wholly deny people certain foods, like carbohydrates or sweets, but rather focuses on the ratio of the food that you place into your body, making sure that you get more protein than carbohydrates. Some people have found the diet difficult to follow, because it uses complex scientific terms and it is not always straightforward about how to choose what foods to eat.

Zone Diet Made Simple

If you have thought about doing the Zone diet, or if you have tried it in the past but found it too difficult, you may want to consider BistroMD. While our program is not the Zone diet, our customers often find that it works just the same, or even better! The meals will be delivered to you on a weekly basis for you to eat and enjoy. It will take all of the confusion out of what is required and necessary to stay on a diet, and also eliminates the need for you to shop, prepare, and cook your meals. Let a Registered Dietitian take care of all of that!

With BistroMD, you receive three meals a day, plus snacks. The meals will be delivered to you on a weekly basis, with each shipment delivered being enough food for one week. Just eat the meals that have been delivered to you and you will be seeing the benefits in no time.

Benefits of the Diet Delivered Program

You will find that it is much easier to stick to a diet, even a complicated one similar to the Zone diet, when the food has already been prepared for you. You do not really have an excuse to fail on this diet, when all you have to do to stick to it is eat! Although you may be worried that it will not be enough food and you will still be hungry, the meals are specially designed to be filling and enjoyable so you won't be left wanting after the meal.

Written By bistroMD Team. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on June 17, 2019.


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