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Weight Loss Programs: Not Boring, but Delicious with BistroMD

Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss programs don’t have to be boring, and at BistroMD they’re delicious!

In today’s busy world, weight loss programs come a dime a dozen.

Most promise starling results that, at first glance, appear incredible. The truth is, most programs are not worth their weight in, well, anything.

Often, these highly marketed, oversimplified, meal plans fail to achieve the stunning results their ads promise. This is due to their lack of consideration for the most important factor involved in the design of effective weight loss programs: bariatric science.

BistroMD, unlike our competitors, strives to provide our customers with meal plans that promote weight loss, but also taste great. Our gourmet chefs work directly with our weight loss experts to design meals that meet our customer’s physical needs, and most importantly, their individual taste.

Individuality is our passion at BistroMD, and we invite you to add your own personality to our meal plans.

Most of our competitors produce their meals in large-scale factories that are about as personal as the mass market packaging they arrive in.

At BistroMD, our expert chefs come from some of the most renowned culinary institutes in the nation. Our meals are produced in different kitchens located across the country, and are produced within days of their delivery, rather than weeks – or even months.

Simply stated, BistroMD takes pride in treating our customers as unique individuals, not as an order number.

When BistroMD first began operations, we sought to encourage weight loss as a step on the road to promoting lifetime weight maintenance.

For this reason, we understand that a one size fits all approach does not work.

While our competitors allow customers to pick from several categories of food selections, they do not provide the option to modify their meal plans to meet individual dietary restrictions.

Sure, they might have a plan for diabetics, but what if you are a diabetic with a food allergy, and you don’t care for onions?

BistroMD, in keeping with our goal of complete customer satisfaction, gives our customers the option to customize their weight loss menu, and puts their needs front and center.

We are not content to simply design our programs and then mass market them; instead, we are constantly innovating and creating new meals to meet our customer’s needs.

Our current meal plans include those designed for customers with dietary considerations such as: diabetes, hypertension, heart conditions, menopausal weight gain, and senior nutritional needs.

Along with these delicious plans, we are always looking toward the next innovation that will allow us to share our knowledge of weight loss with as many individuals as possible.

Another advantage in choosing BistroMD over other weight loss programs is our commitment to complete customer service.

We strive to meet our customer’s every need through a variety of resources. Our customer service representatives are employed by BistroMD, not an outsourced “answer factory”. Because our representatives work directly for BistroMD, they are able to provide expert answers to any of your concerns.

We ask our customers to ask themselves: “What are your weight loss goals?”

If your answer has anything to do with losing weight and keeping it off, do yourself, and your taste buds, a favor – choose BistroMD. We won’t try to sell you a gimmick-riddled program, just honest, medically- proven results.

To learn more about BistroMD's weight loss program, please visit our new FAQ page.

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