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True Medicine, Have We Forgotten?

By: Ashlee Hixson

Food, in terms of its medicinal properties, has been forgotten. Before “modern medicine,” food was the very essence of healing. The human diet not only provided nourishment, but food reflected medicinal properties as well. New innovations are not by any means erroneous, but in adherence to our health, maybe we should stick to what is natural and what has healed for centuries before our time. The first medicines and ways of healing were in fact certain food items. To put this in perspective, a wise Chinese Proverb connotes “He that takes medicine and neglects the diet, wastes the skills of the physician."

I believe this with everything in me, which is why I have decided to educate myself in nutrition. I am currently enrolled in Wayne State University’s Coordinated Program in Dietics. I am not studying nutrition to get a paycheck at the end of the day, I am studying to make a difference. I can see difference already in myself, my family, and one case in particular, a difference in my good friend Susan.

About five years, when I was a junior in high school, Susan started to become ill on a regular basis. She missed a great deal of school due to her illness; she even had to miss her senior year prom. Susan’s symptoms were common of many illnesses and included: GI issues (stomach pain, cramps, and constipation), pain when urinating, chronic fatigue, and general un-wellness. Her regular physician developed many hypotheses about her symptoms, never coming up with a correct diagnosis. She went through many prescription drugs to help alleviate the symptoms, however, she was never cured. She was even put on birth control because it was believed that she had a hormone imbalance. After all the drugs, eventually she was scheduled for surgery as a last resort. At this point in my life, even as a high school junior, I was already passionate about nutritional therapy. I convinced her to talk with her parents to hold off on the surgery and talk to a professional at the nutritional healing center in a nearby city as the last resort. You can never take back the complications of surgery and she agreed.

The day that Susan visited the nutritional healing center her life was changed forever. She did not need surgery or any of the drugs that she previously consumed. The answers were right in her face, changing her diet. It turned out Susan had parasites, was allergic to wheat, and was lacking in several essential vitamins, mostly b vitamins. Through the changing of her diet and nutritional counseling, Susan’s quality of life has enhanced tremendously. She is full of energy and is rarely ill. This is a perfect example of the old Chinese proverb, “He that takes medicine and neglects the diet, wastes the skills of the physician."

I aspire to use my knowledge and experience to enhance people’s lives. I want to give people motivation and hope. People need to know that modern medicine is not the only way live.

Cancer patients have an option other than chemotherapy. I will continue to research and change peoples though nutrition therapy because this is my passion and purpose in life.

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