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The Ultimate Most Deliciously Tasting Cure

By: Sandra Pérez

Food is my necessity. It’s what I live for; it’s what keeps me running. As a matter a fact, isn’t it what keeps everyone up and working? It is our weakness. Food is always there when we need it, if not we can always make it. Microwaves come in handy when we’re on the go, and stoves are there when we have time. Food will always be there to greet you in many different forms, shapes, sizes, and colors. It is as Hippocrates states “thy medicine.” Why? Simple. No matter how we are feeling, there will always be a certain type of food that will satisfy our needs and desire.

We feel happy, we eat ice cream. We feel sad; we eat chocolate and ice cream. We feel depressed; we overdose on chocolate ice cream. We run out of chocolate, and it depresses us even more and we eat more chocolate. It is used as peoples remedy. It’s what they resort to when they don’t have anyone else to turn to. Food will never tell us no, and as a result we run to it. It listens, and never says anything back to hurt us even more. It only helps us in mending our broken heart. It stays quiet and doesn’t tell us what to do, or when to stop eating.

On happy occasions, we celebrate it with a nice formal dinner where a ridiculously large amount of money is spent to satisfy our eyes and stomachs. However, the bill doesn’t seem to surprise us. Why? Our hearts are overwhelmed with happiness, and our stomach is too satisfied to even care. We all know our favorite foods and once we are with them we are at peace. Our worries seem to go away in a matter of seconds. Little by little the satisfaction gained by eating these foods overshadows our feelings and we keep eating until we are extremely content. It is the medicine to our hearts and stomachs. Without food, our stomach would cry. It is our necessity. It is the medicine to my body, soul, and heart.

When we are sick, we are even encouraged to eat. It becomes apart of our medicine. Certain foods can help to cure us which is why people make it for us. Secret ingredients help us in our health and maybe all those drugs we are prescribed come an unnecessary amount of money spent. If we learn to manage our diets and eat adequately, drugs won’t even exist in our lives. However, we all know that sometimes this is highly unlikely because we fall prey to many different appealing desserts. Some dishes just look so deliciously exotic we can’t help but to give in to their call. When we think we have found the perfect dish, we come across another one and we melt to our toes like a snowman.

We are beings that will eat just about anything. We are open to try new things to satisfy our starving stomachs. Medicine helps to cure any problems we are having; food helps to cure us from starving. They go hand in hand. Food cures our sadness, and aids in our happiness. I’d like to think that my world revolves around food. It’s my vitamin happiness. It’s essential to my body. It’s mandatory that I have 3 daily dosages. It has its side effects just like medicine. I can become very sleepy or sometimes even way too hyper. It keeps my body running. It keeps me pumping blood. It keeps me living. Food is the love of my life. What else would come in all different colors, sizes, shapes, forms, and still be pleasing to our sight, taste, smell and touch? Exactly, nothing. At least not in my world, where food is the ultimate perfect substance what man ever created.

There are just so many kinds that we can never say, we’ve tasted it all. If we ever get tired of one kind, there will always be another to cure our stomach

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