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Here we have a collection of articles to help with your health.

The Most Uplifting Posts from the Choose Health Challenge

Since August, thousands of you have been choosing health, and doing your best to live a healthier lifestyle. Your posts have inspired others, and continue to be a big motivation for our company to keep our mission going.

Here are some of our most memorable posts, written by those of you who are choosing health.

My husband, Michael, has been living with MS (multiple sclerosis) for more than 30 years. As we travel down this unpredictable roller coaster ride, we give constant thought to revamping our eating habits. Currently, we’re exploring meatless meals into our daily diets, and colorful veggies on our plates. He’s also no longer a fan of the brigade of drugs prescribed to him for this or that. He’s feeling better. He’s a big ice cream fan and that’s an issue we are working on too. Our goal is to read, research, and advocate ourselves in this endeavor. Good luck to all who are taking control of their lives through information, investigation, and by being proactive.”

-Wanda Lenoa Burrow

I’m tired of being fat. So, I am going to try BistroMD’s meal delivery plan. The price of the food seems about the same as buying groceries and cooking. I will also save time by not having to cook. I am 5’4’’, and weigh 171 pounds. It is hard for me to sustain the energy to work, clean house, exercise do yard work, etc. I will take this challenge and update my progress to keep me motivated.”

-Sharon Stewart

I not only choose health—I choose health with BistroMD. I exercise every day because I want to be me again—for myself, and for my four children, who want me to be around for a lot longer.”

-Pia Mueller

Now is the time. I have been putting it off and putting it off, but I need to get healthy. I am choosing today to be more healthy.”

-Laura Slagle

It isn’t too late to choose health! You still have time to enter our Choose Health Challenge. Simply like our page, and tell us how you choose health. You can weekly prizes of free food from BistroMD and are eligible for the grand prize of an iPad 2. Choose health, and start living a better lifestyle today!

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