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The BistroMD Blog is Officially Ready to Help You Succeed!

The BistroMD Blog As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the BistroMD blog was in the final stages of being ready to launch. Eager to offer our clients even more support to help them achieve their goals, BistroMD is proud to announce that our official blog is up and running.

“We are really excited about the launch of our new blog,” says Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., founding physician behind BistroMD. “Our clients have been wanting a blog for many years, and our new blog will give our clients the tools and support they need to achieve long-term weight loss success.”

With the launch of our new blog, clients can maintain their initial motivation to lose weight by having an endless support of online motivation from BistroMD. This includes expert advice, helpful and informative articles, as well as healthy recipes and cooking tips. Here are just a few of the things clients can look forward to on the new BistroMD blog:

1. Expert Advice

As a BistroMD client, you already have free dietitian support, but what about our other experts? Wouldn't it be nice to hear from them?

“In order to give our clients more interaction with our experts, we have an entire section of the blog strictly dedicated to them,” says Al Montone, a member of the BistroMD Marketing Department, and one of the concept contributors to the BistroMD blog. “We put valuable research behind the blog, and wanted to give our clients something they really wanted. In fact, recent studies conducted by California Polytechnic State University show that people have a 15% higher chance of success on a diet if they are able to seek out professional advice from an online source."

Clients will have the opportunity to get to know our experts on a more personal level, including our founding physician, our fitness expert, and our gourmet chefs. Each expert will even author their own informative articles, keeping you up-to-date on all of the most current information—whether that be healthy recipes, recent health studies, or new happenings within the company.

2. Helpful and Inspirational Videos

Even though our experts will be authoring their own articles to help you achieve success, clients will also have access to a database of videos, starring—you guessed it—our experts!

“One of the features we are really excited about on the new blog is our video library,” says Al. “We will feature a variety of videos from all of our experts, including discussions on life-changing health topics from Dr. Cederquist herself.”

In the future, clients can also look forward to fitness videos from our fitness expert, as well as cooking tips from our expert chefs.

3. Healthy Recipes and Cooking Tips

As a BistroMD client, you are probably aware of "My Night" which is a free night for you to eat whatever meal you like, without sacrificing your progress.

“I designed 'My Night' to help people stay on track," says Dr. Cederquist. "The ability to choose your own meal for one night out of the week helps prevent you from swerving off course by eating certain foods you have been deprived of."

Many times, people still want to eat healthy on their "My Night" but aren't sure what to prepare.

"For many years, I have helped clients figure out what to eat on 'My Night' by providing them with healthy recipes,” says Dr. Cederquist. “It’s great that the BistroMD blog will feature these healthy recipes, as over 45% of people drop a diet because they get confused about what to eat on their own. I believe that featuring these healthy recipes on the blog will give people the security they need to continue to lose weight.”

4. Sharing the Success of Others

65% of people who are on a diet report that they love to hear about the success of others when they start their weight loss journey. Not only do people want to hear success stories, but they rely on them as a source of motivation.

“Our success stories have always resonated well with our clients, which is why we wanted them featured on our blog,” says Al. “Our program has produced life-changing results for many people, and many of our new clients become motivated by this success. We always love hearing these stories, and so do our clients.”

5. Convenient Access to Social Media

With two-thirds of the world’s global internet population on social media, many of these same people also turn to social media as a tool to help guide them through the sometimes murky waters of losing weight.

“In order to give our clients the continuous support they need, we have integrated our social media pages into our blog efforts,” says Al. “Clients can now access our social media pages through our blog. The blog will also feature a live feed of our most popular updates on Facebook and Twitter. This way, clients can interact with other clients, and comment on recent posts, videos, and articles.”

All in all, the official BistroMD blog will be a great way for clients to interact with each other, and will be a reliable support system for continued success.

To visit the new official BistroMD blog, check out:

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