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The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by BistroMD

The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by BistroMD delivers the success behind the 17 Day Diet, right to your door.

The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by BistroMD

In case you haven't noticed, The 17 Day Diet, book has recently become one of the most popular diets on the market today.

What's great about The 17 Day Diet is that you don't have to engage in unhealthy eating habits in order to lose weight.

Based on the science behind Dr. Mike Moreno's best-selling book, The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by BistroMD delivers healthy weight loss right to your door with convenient weekly shipments of physician-designed, chef-prepared meals.

Each week, you will enjoy 7 days of breakfasts, lunches and dinners, for about $26 a day. That's less than the cost of one meal in a gourmet restaurant!

The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by BistroMD provides you with 21 chef-prepared meals for less than $185 a week, which includes the cost of shipping.

The chefs at BistroMD bring approved recipes from The 17 Day Diet right to your kitchen table, with a healthy and delicious meal plan, sold exclusively through The 17 Day Diet.

How Does it Work?

The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan from BistroMD is what you should expect from a healthy diet. Unlike other diet programs on the market today that starve you down to size, Dr. Mike Moreno's 17 Day Diet book relies on proven methods that help you lose weight, and keep it off.

The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by BistroMD follows the guidelines set forth by Dr. Moreno in The 17 Day Diet and combines the science of healthy weight loss from BistroMD's team of experts. BistroMD is the only weight loss plan that Dr Phil calls, “The best home meal delivery available.” BistroMD is also the number one physician-designed, chef-prepared meal plan in the U.S., specializing in home delivery of healthy and delicious weight loss meals.

The 17 Day Diet breaks down into four different 17 day cycles:

1. Accelerate

2. Activate

3. Achieve

4. Arrive

Dr. Moreno's revolutionary program re-adjusts your metabolism so that you burn fat, day in and day out during each of these cycles. Each Cycle of The 17 Day Diet changes your calorie count and the foods you eat in order to help your metabolism burn excess stored fat.

Do the Meals Match Each Different Cycle?

The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by BistroMD provides a variety of approved meals, prepared by award-winning chefs for Cycles 3 and 4 of The 17 Day Diet.

Can I Customize My Menu?

Once you place your order through The 17 Day Diet website, you will be able to customize your menu preferences. Your meal plan can be customized based on allergies, dietary restrictions, and personal preferences. Each meal delivered to your door is nutritionally designed for optimal weight loss to include specific entrees with proportioned sides as a nutritional whole.

Why Are My Meals Automatically Shipped Each Week?

Consistency plays a key role in successful weight loss and maintenance, which is why your weekly shipments are automatically recurring. In order to keep you focused on your weight loss goals, your meal plan is designed for a consistent delivery of food that corresponds to each Cycle in The 17 Day Diet.

These automatic shipments require no commitment. After your first week of meals, you can cancel your future shipments at any time. 

Where Can I Learn More About The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan?

To learn more about the 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by BistroMD, read some of the most frequently asked questions below, or visit The 17 Day Diet FAQ page.

1. Can I pick my own meals or ingredients?

The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan features approved recipes. We will try our best to meet your requests while upholding the specific scientific combinations of food prescribed in this diet to promote healthy weight loss. Each ingredient is combined in every dish to supply your body with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats to feed your body's essential needs, and to promote healthy weight loss.

2. What if I want more or less of a meal?

Yes. This request can be accommodated for future shipments.

3. Can I swap a side dish or have a sauce on the side?

The meals for the 17 Day Diet Meal Plan are nutritionally complete as a whole. The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan does not allow you to remove specific ingredients, swap side dishes or serve sauces on the side because this changes the approved recipe as well as its nutritional ingredients. Even though we can't change whole ingredients, we can recommend other entree options based on your health needs, food allergies and meal preferences.

4. What type of weight loss should I expect?

On its own, The 17 Day Diet book has helped some people lose as much as 10-15 pounds in 17 days.

With the meal plan, you can also expect successful weight loss, with most individual losing between 2-3 pounds per week.

If you have any questions concerning the 17 Day Diet Meal Plan, please visit:, or call: (866) 401-3438.

To get started on The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by BistroMD, please click below:

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