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Teen Issues Invloving Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating

Teenagers go through many emotional changes and experiences such as school stress, breakups, work, and family problems. Instead of finding other ways to relieve such pressure and stress, we usually turn to food, an easy and relaxing way to just sit back and eat your problems away, but its only temporary.

I have caught myself relieving my problems this way too. It’s easier to just go to the kitchen pantry and grab a snack or quick meal rather than go for a run or do an aggressive sport to get rid of some tension. Feeding your feelings can be fatal to your body and just weight you down even more.

When you’re happy, food such as seafood or meats are typically eaten, when you’re sad, you usually go to the freezer for a tub of ice cream or doughnuts. According to the University of Maryland, 75% of overeating is caused by emotions. Even though it’s hard for teenagers to gain the energy or will to exercise, or much less even do anything, one way to avoid overeating is to get your mind off of things. You can accomplish this by going for a walk or run, play with your animals, take a hot bubble bath or even something as simple as reading a book.

One of my grandmothers has type two diabetes that stems from an emotional eating problem. She has been through many problems such as dealing with her daughter who has become an alcoholic and drug addict that would come over and steal her medications, breast cancer, and even having to deal with my grandfather who has been in a wheelchair for years due to an accident during Vietnam. When I go to visit her, she would rather sit at the kitchen table and eat junk food than talk or play with the grandkids. Since she is overweight, it is hard for her to get out and do things on her own, so she just continues to eat. The family says she’s literally “eating herself to death.” Emotional eating can start simple and lead to many other problems that can easily lead to further emotional eating.

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