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Surprisingly, Diets Are Not the Answer to Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating

Whether you're happy or sad, crying or angry, there is a food for every mood. If you’re happy, you might choose steak or pizza, but when you are sad, or distraught, your food choice might be cookies, ice cream, cake, cookie dough, and other sweets that satisfy our moods.

When you satisfy your stomach with unhealthy foods, and your stomach isn’t hungry, you are engaging in what is called emotional eating. Emotional eating is eating for reasons other than hunger. Instead of the physical symptom of hunger initiating the eating, an emotion triggers the eating. What we don’t realize, or don’t talk about, is that emotional eating can affect weight, health, and overall well-being.

Here’s the glitch, diets are not the answer! If you lead your body on, using fad diets, you leave your body starved for energy, which will most likely lead to emotional eating. Most people think that emotional eating is caused by negative feelings. That is not entirely true. Yes, you may go for the ice cream if your sad, lonely, anxious, or angry, but emotional eating can also be from happy feelings too. You may share a box of chocolates with your loved one on Valentine’s Day, or even a Christmas feast.

There is a bit of trouble with emotional eating. What people don’t understand is that once the pleasure of emotional eating is gone, the feelings that have caused it still continue. The differences between emotional eating and physical eating are that physical hunger comes on gradually and can be held off, and emotional eating happens suddenly and becomes urgent and needs to be satisfied immediately.

Emotional eating affects us every day and it can be maintained with some help, but you have to realize the differences between emotional and physical eating. You have to be able to control your hunger and stop yourself from going for the rocky road ice cream when you and your boyfriend get into a fight. Emotional eating affects us every day but we have to be able to stop ourselves from it and have self-control when we get upset about something.

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