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Suggestions on How to Avoid Rapid Diet Programs

Rapid Diet Programs

By Molly Alderuccio

There are a lot of rapid diet programs out there, and when they are endorsed by celebrities and athletes, it’s hard not to find them enticing. If I ever had a close friend who wanted to lose weight rapidly, because of low self-esteem, and who was considering one of these programs, I would try to convince them that rapid weight loss just isn’t healthy.

Results can be easy when using rapid diet programs, but these diets are not healthy, and can lead to dangerous health side effects. Many of them, if not all, can produce serious complications. Rapid weight loss also comes with muscle loss. When the body doesn’t get enough nutrients, it resorts to eating away at the muscles for energy.

Rapid weight loss can cause hanging skin, because the shrinking process of skin works slower than does weight loss. With fast weight loss, the skin doesn’t have enough time to adjust to the changing body. Not only that, but sudden weight loss can disrupt the balance of cholesterol, and bile salts in the gallbladder, leading to the formation of gallstones.

As you can see, there are many negative side effects that can result from rapid diet programs. I would recommend that my friend try something else instead.

I would first recommend that they start monitoring their eating habits, and drink lots of water. The body should always be hydrated, and drinking eight to ten cups of water daily is essential.

Also, exercising daily can help. Activities as simple as running around the block a few times, each day, can do nothing but benefit. I would recommend that my friend pay attention to the nutrition labels that accompany the food they consume. Many food companies are trying to lure consumers, so sometimes the front labels saying “fat free” can be misleading.

When it comes down to it, rapid diet programs are not healthy for your body, and can sometimes even be dangerous. Regardless of if Mike, “The Situation” is endorsing them or not, rapid diet programs are not the way to go. The healthiest way for someone to lose weight is to monitor their eating habits, and exercise frequently.

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