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Star Weight Loss: Diet Tips from your Favorite Celebs

How did Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Joli, and other celebrity moms lose the weight, post-baby? It’s simple. They enjoy healthy, balanced meals and an active lifestyle.

Kate Hudson was rumored to have gained 60 lbs. while pregnant. That’s a lot for her little body. Granted, she claims to exercise every day but she stays active without spending hours in the gym. Kate takes 45 minute runs but she also enjoys strip aerobics classes. It is possible to find a work out you like. The trick is to give different workouts a chance.

Strip aerobics, pole dancing class, and similarly fun, exotic ways to work out give variety to your week. Instead of spending all your time on the treadmill, you could be learning a fun dance or participating in a new kind of yoga. Check out what’s available at your local gym. You may be surprised by how much fun exercise can really be.

How can you experience star weight loss like Kate and Nicole? By trying a convenient, easy to stick to diet program. BistroMD offers diet plans with 3 meals and 2 snacks a day delivered right to your door! Ashlee Simpson-Wentz used a diet delivery program to get back in shape after her pregnancy. The ease and simplicity of a meal plan that’s delivered to your door make losing weight an achievable goal.

Another key to star weight loss is drinking water. Many of us aren’t getting enough water in our diets and our bodies suffer because of it. Eva Longoria-Parker’s diet tip is to “drink more water”. There’s a star weight loss secret that’s easy enough to follow! Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

One way to easily achieve this goal is to carry around a large water bottle everywhere you go. You’ll be surprised with the amount of times a day you reach for the water to take a sip. Don’t hesitate to take a gulp whenever you feel like it.

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