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Secrets and Tips of Celebrity Diets

Secrets and Tips of Celebrity Diets

Your favorite actresses, singers and celebrity moms share their secrets tips and advice on how to get fit and be healthy.

Jennifer Aniston’s Secrets Tips:

Jen eats lean protein like salmon and steak, and fresh fruit regularly. She makes sure her diet is balanced and gives herself a little wiggle room now and then. Once or twice a week, she’ll eat Mexican food or enjoy a martini, beer, or margarita. Not feeling trapped in your diet is a key factor in finding a program you can stick to. BistroMD's diet delivery plan allows one night a week to satisfy cravings and eat whatever food you’d like.

Reese Witherspoon Secrets Tips:

Reese Witherspoon is a well-respected actress, mom, and role model. Reese is often admired for her realistic and beautiful body. She doesn’t starve herself and she doesn’t feel the need to follow crazy diets to be “Hollywood Thin”. What are Reese’s diet secrets? A typical diet for Reese consists of a high-fiber muffin at breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, and salmon for dinner. Reese would probably enjoy one of BistroMD’s protein packed, high fiber breakfast muffins with hot chocolate that are served as a part of the diet delivery plan.

Sarah Jessica Parker Diet Tip:

Sarah Jessica Parker has a great diet tip worth trying. Despite having a very busy acting career as well as a husband and children, SJP manages to stay in shape. Instead of running out of the house on an empty stomach, Sarah Jessica says she always eats about half an hour before stepping out the door. Having an apple 30 minutes before going out ensures that Sarah Jessica isn’t focused on trying to find a hotdog stand, drive thru restaurant, or calorie-laden smoothie to curb her appetite. Diet delivery meal plans from Bistro MD come with two snacks a day so you’re always satisfied and never looking for an unhealthy quick fix to your hunger.

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