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Rapid Diet Programs Rapidly Harm Your Body

Rapid Diet Programs

By Valentina Caroca

SHED THOSE POUNDS IN DAYS! We just love hearing those words from popular rapid diet programs endorsed by celebrities - but are they healthy? Teenagers, students, and adults may find themselves in a position where they have low self-esteem, and go to extreme dieting measures to reach their ideal image. What they often forget, is that every person is born with their own unique qualities.

We were not born to look like others, but rather, like ourselves. Dieting to look like a certain celebrity is unattainable. If self-consciousness is the problem, remember to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful, and don’t have to change in order to look like others.

I have a close friend named Cindy who was close to the 180 pounds. She would always complain to me about how celebrities would have amazing killer bodies. “That is not the point,” I would tell her, “You should lose weight until you feel comfortable with your own self.”

There are many healthy, and safe, ways to lose weight instead of rapid diet programs. Of course, it might take a while longer, but if you truly love your body, you will give it the time it requires. I recommended that she cut out the foods her body didn’t need, while still treating herself, once a week, to a snack of her choice.

Also, I encouraged her to have fun exercising. When you feel excited to work out, it becomes that much easier to lose weight. I suggested that she buy a Zamba video and dance one day, and the next jump rope for 30 minutes the next. As long as you’re receiving your 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day, it doesn’t matter how you’re accomplishing it. Listening to your favorite music while working out is a huge motivator.

The most important aspect of proper weight loss is to eat healthy breakfasts that will jump start your metabolism, and keep you going all morning. If you are addicted to soda, start out slow, and switch to juice, instead of water. Jumping into quick diet programs can make you quit faster.

Remember, rapid diet programs are like putting drugs into your body. The most important thing is to be happy with who you are. It can help to write down things that you love about yourself, and stick them on your mirror as a reminder of the unique person that you are. There is not a celebrity in the entire world who has the unique qualities that you possess.

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