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Rapid Diet Programs Are Not A Healthy Way To Lose Weight

Rapid Diet Programs

By Ana C. Carrion

There are many, many, rapid diet companies out there that use specific advertising tactics to market their products to consumers, especially when it comes to the younger generation. Because of the way these companies advertise: via celebrities, actors, and musicians, younger audiences feel pressured to use such diet programs to lose weight. The popularity of the individuals who endorse these diets can lead teens to diet even if there is no weight for them to lose.

I have a personal experience with this situation, and I believe that what I learned from it will help anyone who is undecided on whether or not to try one of the many rapid diet programs out there. A close friend of mine has had a self-esteem issue for as long as I can remember. She is also easily influenced by other people, especially celebrities and musical artists she admires. One day, she decided that she wanted to go on one of the popular diet programs that a lot of celebrities were using. She neglected the fact that there had been many negative reviews of that particular program, and wanted to follow through with her idea.

My approach was to show her that rapid weight loss isn’t healthy, at all. I explained to her that by losing any amount of weight in an inappropriate amount of time, your body, mainly your digestive and immune system, will start to crash because of the sudden loss of energy. Because of this, you can become extremely ill, resulting in anorexia, low blood pressure, anemia, and many more diseases and illnesses.

Once I told her this, she started to realize that she was making a wrong decision. To further convince her that she was making a wrong choice by choosing this diet, I gave her an alternative way of losing weight in a healthy way. I told her to continue eating, but to eat normal-sized portions of healthy cooking. I also encouraged her not to take any vitamins, or any diet supplement pills or shakes, because those items are not healthy for your body, and can seriously hurt internal organs. I told her to exercise, and to eat less junk food when she has snacks in between meals.

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