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Packaged Meals: Ways to Make Healthy Choices

Packaged meals don't have to be unhealthy, especially when you've got home delivery of healthy and nutritious meals from bistroMD.

Packaged Meals: Ways to Make Healthy Choices

These days, it’s difficult to go to the grocery store and find anything but highly processed packaged meals. The initial convenience that many of these meals offer seems to make them a no brainer for those of us living with busy schedules. However, most of these meals are relatively unhealthy. Many contain levels of fat and salt that most people would find shocking – that is – if they read the nutrition label. In the current age, time is money, and many people simply cannot resist the convenience of pre-made packaged meals. What these people often fail to realize is that there are plenty of healthy packaged meal options that are just as easy to prepare, and that won’t fill out their waistline.

The Rise of Packaged Meals

As the 90’s transitioned into the 2000’s, the pace of life in the United States was making its own transition. With the information age in full swing, people were able to access more data than ever before. A person suddenly was able to complete tasks in a matter of minutes that previously would have taken hours or days. One might think that such advancements would have led to more free time for Americans, but this was not so. In short, as our productivity began to increase, so to did our responsibilities and overall workload.

Enter, stage right, packaged meals. Companies quickly realized that their customers were looking for an easier way to eat – one that didn’t involve the lengthy preparation that traditional cooking required. As businesses in a capitalist system always do, they answered this demand. The answer? Packaged meals.

Healthier Food Choices

You might think that this story should have already ended; food companies gave their customers exactly what they were looking for. End of story right? Not quite.

The problem that many Americans began to face was that the packaged meals that were providing them with dining convenience were also causing them to gain weight. One look at the nutrition labels and the reason is instantly clear. Most of these meals contain exceedingly high levels of fat, salt, and cholesterol.

There was then, and still is today, a need for healthy packaged meals that give consumers the convenience they desire without causing them to gain weight.

BistroMD to the Rescue!

While this fiasco was happening, a bariatric physician in Florida was busy working to find a way to help her patients lose weight and keep it off. She uncovered the same demand of her patients as the food industry had of their customers – both wanted convenient pre-cooked meals that were also healthy.

Recognizing that the food industry’s packaged meals were, and are, not healthy, the ambitious physician set out to create her own. With that, BistroMD was born.

Our founding physician, Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., along with her team of registered dietitians, has created a menu of over 100 healthy meals that are now shipped to customers in nearly every state in the nation.

BistroMD’s dedication to providing excellent nutrition has made it an industry leader in healthy home delivery.

Better Food Choices - Taste Our Great Nutrition

Go ahead, and try BistroMD for yourself. Thousands of satisfied customers cannot be wrong. Our meals are unlike anything you’ve ever tried before, so why not give them a go? To order today, visit, or call 1-866-401-DIET to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives. BistroMD's packaged meals can help you lose the weight that the & other guy's; meals caused you to gain. What are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose but the weight!

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Written By bistroMD Team. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on June 17, 2019.


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