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My Night Diet

My Night Diet

As a new dieter, you are probably thinking that you are going to have to stick to a strict routine of “you can’t eat this, but you can eat that” diet program. At BistroMD, we keep you on a proper diet schedule, but we also give you a little bit of freedom. Unlike other diet home delivery programs, we include the option of “My Night” in your food schedule. This option gives you chance to eat out with friends or loved ones, and it also gives you the chance to reward yourself for all of your hard weight-loss work.

The basis for including the “My Night” option into your diet plan is simple: to help you avoid temptation. Think about it. If you are on a diet that totally bans you from ever eating your favorite cheesecake, or eating a tasty cheeseburger, you can become frustrated, and this can cause you to stray from your weight loss path. Chances are, the temptation to indulge in something you can’t have will get the best of you, and you will end up in the viciously guilty cycle of overeating. If you know that you can treat yourself to your favorite meal every now and then, your urge to constantly snack will decrease, and your desire to eat compulsively will soon disappear.

Depriving you of enjoying food is not our goal. Our goal is to help you lose weight and keep it off by teaching you about portion control, the importance of nutrition-rich meals, and yes, the importance of having a night for yourself every once in a while. Our meals are designed to help you avoid the unhealthy food path by introducing you to meals that are nutritional and truly gourmet. Food is a necessity, but it should definitely be enjoyed. By sticking with BistroMD, you can lose the weight you want and treat yourself to fantastic food that will help keep you on the path of healthy weight loss. So go ahead, embrace your right to have "My Night."

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