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Low Fat or Low Carb, Which Diet is Right for You?

Lowfat or Lowcarb

A recent study was done to determine which diet was the better choice in the long run. Two groups of obese subjects were placed on diets. The first group ate a diet low in fat, the other group ate a diet low in carbohydrates, at the end of six months the group on the low carb diet lost more weight, however the weight losses, evened out between the two groups by month twelve. After thirty six months the group on the low fat diet was able to keep more weight off than the low carb group. So from this study it appears that the low fat diet was the better choice for the groups in the study. Another factor may be that the weight loss in the low fat diet was slower, so it wasn't so quickly regained. Perhaps the quick weight loss in the low carb group was mostly water weight, which is quickly regained.

So, Low Fat or Low Carb? The best diet would most likely be a combination of the two diets, a diet high in lean protein, and complex carbohydrates, but low in simple carbohydrates and sugars. It is common sense that a healthy diet with a moderate amount of fat and the right type of carbohydrates would be easier to maintain for the long term, making weight loss easier to maintain. In any event, a diet that eliminates fats or carbs is extreme and promotes all or nothing thinking. It is unrealistic to attempt to completely cut out a certain type of food. It seems the advice that mothers all over the world give is correct, moderation is the key to a healthy diet.

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