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Love In My Tummy

By: Corey Brown

Food, a multitude of thoughts pop in my head when I hear the word. From thoughts about the foods that bring joy into my life to some of my favorite recipes like chocolate espresso cheesecake. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said, “Let food be thy medicine…” Hippocrates was right in many ways. To live a healthy life one must eat healthy foods. Not only that but food can bring the feelings of comfort and happiness into the human soul, and these feelings are to what we need to stay sane in this world.

Something I don’t like to talk about to much to others is the fact that I use to weigh 240 pounds when I was younger. It wasn’t that long ago actually. I am 20 years old today and I didn’t start shedding the pounds till I was about 14 years old. I have always had a strong passion for food in my life. I think food is actually one of the things that I love most in this life. This passion was handed down to me from my grandmother of Greek descent. I think most about the pastries she made but not only that her love for cooking and sharing that love with my whole family. I am so thankful for my grandmother, and my love of cooking and food that was handed down to me by her.

I believe to stay healthy we must eat healthy. I am constantly dieting, but when I say “diet” I mean the way I eat daily. Some call me a “health freak” but I don’t mind because being one has many benefits. A general misconception that people have with dieting is that they can’t eat the foods we love while we are on a so-called “diet.” This however is not true at all. It takes strong will power, but no one has to give up the foods they hold dear to them. If I had the money I would eat ice cream everyday. My healthy lifestyle isn’t stopping me, I would just limit my intake to about a ½ cup daily. This is hard for most though. People just have to learn about portion control and to not gorge themselves when they eat.

Eating healthy has many benefits for the body. Eating healthy foods along with exercise can give one the body that they desire. A healthy diet has many healthy benefits as well. A healthy diet can reduce the risk of certain diseases such as diabetes and certain cancers. Dietary fiber even reduces the risk of heart disease. I am not trying to say that one has to eat healthy foods all the time to survive. What I am saying is that certain foods have certain benefits that keep our body moving from day to day.

Taking a bite of food brings me the feeling of warmth as soon as it slides down my throat. Food brings happiness and comfort not only into my life, but also into the lives of many. I feel this is why a lot of people have the problem of overeating. If I didn’t have the mindset that I had to day I feel that I would just spend my days eating and hibernating. The world brings stress into our lives from day to day. It is hard finding ways to cope with this stress. I feel that the feelings that food gives us while eating from day to day is just what we need to survive this life.

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