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High Protein Diet

High Protein Diet

A high protein diet is quickly becoming one of the major players in the rapidly growing diet market. No matter what your weight loss goals are, many people believe that they can reap the benefits of a high protein diet. The basis for this diet is simple yet extremely effective and it is important to understand how a high protein diet works with your body. While BistroMD is not a typical high protein diet it contains levels of protein which provide your body the benefits of a high protein diet without any of the drawbacks.

A high protein diet was previously thought of as only necessary for those that engage in serious weight lifting, or that eating high amounts of protein will cause you to "bulk up". This in fact is not true, and here is why: Protein is the building block for muscle and without adequate protein your muscle mass will not increase. In many cases your muscle mass will actually decrease if you do not have enough protein. In essence your body will go looking for the protein it needs, and if you do not consume it, your body will use its own lean muscle mass. This is one of the major reasons that yo-yo and crash dieting are very dangerous to your body.

Without maintaining adequate muscle mass your body will burn less and less calories and you will not be able to burn away your unwanted fat, and you will not be able to lose weight effectively. The combination of adequate levels or protein and low levels of fats is a weight lose winning plan. So throw out your misconceptions that protein is only for weight lifters, and let BistroMD be your high protein ticket to weight loss!

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