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Help! It’s Holiday Time

Help! It’s Holiday Time

It’s coming, holiday time, the season of sabotage. Everyone sighs and submits to the idea that no one could possibly lose weight over the holidays. And besides, who would want to? While these are common assumptions, we need to look at thing how they really are. We are in an obesity crisis. 65% of Americans are overweight, and things are changing. Many people continue to maintain their weight over the holidays, and even more do successfully lose weight during cookie and candy-cane season.

The key? Lose your all or nothing mentality, and take it one meal at a time. The goal is to keep on track as best as you can, and stay in control when you can. The three social events you have next week? Plan for them, and make sure you eat well at the meals you do have control over, like healthy breakfast full of protein, and snacks through the day so that you aren’t starving by the time you arrive at your dinner party. Pass up the appetizer, when you know there is going to be a great dessert, and make sure you watch the portion size.

Keep holiday treats out of sight, chew gum while you are baking, donate leftover treats, or put them in the freezer. Don’t make your own personal favorite dessert, make one for someone else. Maintain your physical activity, walking, shopping, and sleeping regularly will help you achieve forward progress, even with a few slip-ups.

Think about how proud you will be when you wake up January 1st and step on the scale, and realize that you did it, you defeated the holiday weight gain assumption and proved everyone wrong.

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