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Healthy Eating Habits: Tips that Work

Healthy Eating Habits

There are several important choices that affect us daily, and modify our abilities, and inabilities, for the day. As a young adult and athlete, some major decisions I must make are involved with healthy eating habits. It's a struggle that we all face, especially in a world so dominated by sugar, but can be overcome it with the right motivation.

Clearly, my motivation comes from my everyday obstacles and activities. Without the proper nutrition my day would not function as easily. This makes healthy eating habits a very important aspect to my life. Food not only keeps you healthy, but fuels your body and gives you energy to accomplish everything you do during the day.

Listed below are some healthy eating habits suggested by physicians.

1. Eat in a relaxed atmosphere.

2. Chew your food thoroughly.

3. Drink at least 8 cups of water, every day.

4. Allow your digestive system some rest time.

5. Include raw(uncooked) vegetables with each meal.

6. Eat spicy foods! They help cleanse the body and increase metabolism.

While it is difficult to motivate yourself to stick with healthy eating habits, it is even more difficult to motivate your peers. The main advice I could give to someone in search of motivation for healthier eating habits would be to remember that it’s simple. Eating healthier does not mean cutting out all the "good stuff", or starving yourself. It just means thinking reasonably.

Healthy eating habits are very simple, and easily attainable. Remember what your body likes, and stray away from the gorging of foods that don’t make you feel better. Keep a list of these healthier habits in your kitchen, in plain view, to serve as a constant reminder that you can do it. Ten simple habits, always in front of you, can remind you that it is possible. That's your motivation.

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