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Healthy Eating Habits: Making the Right Choices

Healthy Eating Habits

Many foods have high amounts of sugars and fats, therefore making them bad for the human body. I have a few ways to motivate myself. I use ways like finding a flaw and working to fix it. I set goals for myself and try my best to aim for that goal, and I don’t stop until I accomplish it. Many teens overlook how much sugar and fat are actually in the foods they eat.

When I’m around my friends, and I see them eat something unhealthy, I try to point out the nutrition label and help them realize the toxins they’re about to put in their body. One of my friends is currently trying to lose weight with the Slim Fast diet. She is basically addicted to sugary food items and drinks. As soon as she wakes up in the morning, she goes downstairs for a snack. That snack is usually cookies or fruit snacks. When she is doing her Slim Fast diet, she usually drinks the shakes with a meal, like dinner or lunch, instead of using it as a meal replacement, which is how it’s intended to be used. I try to explain to her how the diet works, and that the food she eats isn’t good for her. As a result to her eating habits, she has continued to gain weight while on this diet plan and continues to be naïve on how she keeps gaining weight.

Many junk food companies try to lure in little kids with flashy commercials, or decorations on their boxes or containers. The food industry is going after the most gullible customers, the kids. Therefore, bad eating habits start at a young age and are hard to get rid of as they grow older. Soda is a number culprit. Dr. Pepper especially has me addicted to where if I don’t have one for awhile, I get this feeling as if my body is weak and is craving the sugary carbonation contained in it. But now after taking an anatomy class and seeing how bad carbonated beverages can ruin your body, I have limited my soda intake drastically.


Taking a class or course of some sort to show you the actual damage or what sugar and fats can do to your body has better helped me understand. I think America needs to take away the flashy commercials and colorful ads to help the obesity rate go down.

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