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Healthy Eating Habits: Dietary Considerations

Healthy Eating Habits

To start off, the most important thing your body needs is water. Water is essential to obtain all the nutrients from the foods you eat. The average body needs at least 8 8 fluid ounces of water a day, but, if you live in a hot and humid environment, you may need double that because your body sweats it all out.

Also, it is absolutely necessary that you eat plenty of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. At least three servings of whole grain should be eaten a day. The more whole grain the better, the more white bread and pasta you substitute for whole grain, the better. On top of that two to four servings of fruit should be eaten every day, along with three to five servings of vegetables. Fruits and veggies are where most of your nutrition comes from.

The most important thing about eating is moderation. The key to losing weight is to eat moderate portions. You should not skip out on meals, but you should not eat more than is needed in one sitting. The protein portion of your meal should not be bigger than the size of your fist. The key is to figure out what your body can handle without extra calories being consumed.

A very helpful tool is the food pyramid, which helps keep track of the types of food, as well as the calories, you eat. It is key to make sure that you are eating the correct portions of certain types of food. You don’t want to be eating eight servings of deserts and one serving of fruit. Calories are the measure of the amount of energy in food. You have to burn more calories than you eat to lose weight.

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