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Healthy Eating Habits: Cut the Junk Food

Healthy Eating Habits


A young adult should really be monitoring what he or she is eating. The food you decide to eat throughout the different stages of your lifetime will play a major role in your health later down the road. In the world today, sugar and soda trick people into making unwholesome decisions. I’m not saying that it’s terrible to have an occasional soda or candy bar, but if you’re consuming too much it may be bad for your health.

Personally, eating healthy puts me in a better mood. When eating healthy, your body receives all of the minerals and nutrients it needs to function properly. Without these minerals and nutrients you will not feel up to par and will, most likely, be tired a lot. Some of the vitamins that you need to stay healthy through the day are vitamins A, C, E, and D.

We all know vitamins can be found in fruit. Eating food with lots of Vitamin C keeps your immune system strong, which keeps you from getting sick. So if you wonder why you get sick a lot, it’s probably because you do not eat enough fruit. Vitamin E exists in whole wheat foods, apples, nuts, and vegetable oils. This vitamin helps your heart and immune system stay strong. Vitamin A helps your vision, and vitamin D keeps your bones strong and controls calcium absorption.

Kids these days are eating more junk food, just in their childhood, than some adults have eaten in their whole life. I’d bet that the diabetes and obesity rate of the new generation is going to substantially increase. Instead of going to McDonalds or Wendy’s for lunch, make yourself a turkey sandwich and a bowl of fruit and vegetables. There is no need to eat fast food more than once a week.

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