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Health Benefits of Weight Loss: Start Enjoying Life Today!

The health benefits of weight loss promote a happy and healthy well-being.

Health Benefits of Weight Loss: Start Enjoying Life Today!

Did you know that a modest weight loss of 4.4lb to 9.7lb has been shown to significantly lower of blood pressure? This is just one of the many health benefits of weight loss.

Most people want to lose weight because they want to feel better about themselves, or they want to be more attractive. What people don’t understand is how much healthier it is to not be overweight or obese.

Higher energy levels are one of the main health benefits of weight loss. Next, there is lowering of cholesterol levels. And last, but not least, the lowering of your blood pressure.

One of the major health benefits of weight loss is increased energy levels. Many obese people have a very low energy level which results in them being too tired to work out. However, once they begin to work out, and start to lose weight, they start to notice the increase in energy, which also results in being happier. Studies show that people who are not obese have energy levels significantly higher than obese people.

In addition, lowering cholesterol levels is a very important health benefit of weight loss. Achieving lower cholesterol is one of the best ways to protect you from heart attacks and stroke. Unfortunately, many obese people suffer from high cholesterol levels, which results in them dying young due to strokes or heart attacks.

The good news is you have several options to help you get back in the cholesterol safety zone. These four options can all work separately -- or together -- to lower cholesterol, and keep it under control:



Weight Loss


Last, but not least, lowering your blood pressure is also a very significant health benefit of weight loss.

According to the National Institutes of Health, excess body weight is correlated closely with high blood pressure, and a weight reduction program can be very beneficial for lowering blood pressure and improving the efficacy of antihypertensive medications. Controlling your weight is a very important step that you can take to reduce your high blood pressure. Losing just a few extra pounds can help. Keeping your weight under control can also help you feel better, make you more able to exercise, and reduce your chance of having a heart attack.

Weight loss can literally save your life. Although there are many health benefits of weight loss, there are three that I find key: Increased energy levels, lowering cholesterol levels, and lowering blood pressure. Now that you understand that looking "good" is not the only pro to weight loss, go out and workout, but do it for your health!

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Written By bistroMD Team. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on June 17, 2019.


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