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Give A Mouse A Cookie

By: Kriti Gupta

They say that if you give a mouse a cookie, it will ask for a glass of milk to go along with it. The story then goes on to explain how the mouse will next demand a straw to sip his milk, access to the refrigerator when he wants refills, and even a napkin to wipe off the mess he makes.

Let me introduce to you, “mouse”: the average American eater. “Mouse” explores his neighborhood and sees fast food chains all the time. We can say that he has found his “cookie.” Cookies are obviously delicious! Eat one, and you’re addicted for life. The same can be said for all the burgers and fries he finds at fast food chains. It’s just all so good, he can’t say no.

Next, Mouse is going to want his “milk” to wash down those “cookies”; I am, of course, talking about the soda and milkshakes served in every restaurant. It’ll all be so delectable that he just won’t be able to say no! Thus, come the refills: Mouse will want to dine at fast food chains for his milk and cookies as often as he can.

But let’s stop right there and hand Mouse his napkin – he’s definitely got himself into a big mess. But with some changes, he can tidy up and get himself out. It’s not entirely his fault; fast food chains are on every street corner, and most people end up succumbing to their taste. It takes a smart person to truly judge what he is eating and know whether he should continue eating it or not.

This is where Hippocrates comes in. He once said, “Let food be thy medicine.” If all the “mice” in America keep consuming cholesterol-increasing, diabetes-inducing, fat-accumulating food every chance they get, they’re going to need medicine, all right. And that’s exactly the point. Fellow mice, consume food that doesn’t require medicine to fix the aftermath of eating it. Don’t eat now what your body can’t handle later. Save yourself the trouble from taking two pills daily to rid yourself of the fat sitting in each thigh. When Hippocrates asks food to be our medicine, he means we must eat what nourishes our body best. Fruits, vegetables, you know the drill. Healthy is often misunderstood for “disgusting,” but there are ways to make healthy food taste delicious, and there are recipes and even companies that do the job flawlessly for you.

So let food be your medicine. Let it be colorful: full of greens and blues and oranges; let it be of nutritional value: with antioxidants and minerals and vitamins. You may one day be able to ditch the fish oil dietary supplement tablets, or the Tylenol for headaches, or even the Motrin when your immune system can’t fight that fever. A salad serving a day could do that trick for you instantly.

Treat your mouth and body to what’s right. Switch your menu around, seeing as how there are so many options nowadays! Frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. Cranberry juice instead of Coca Cola. Chunky tomato spaghetti sauce rather than alfredo. With so many choices, who needs burgers and fries?

So let’s begin this mousy tale one more time, the right way. They say that if you give a mouse a cookie – wait a minute, why don’t we switch that cookie in for an apple? Then the mouse will want whole grain pasta and a healthy three course meal right after. But the best part of this modified tale is that Mr. Mouse won’t need a napkin. When he follow Hippocrates’ words, there is no mess to make.

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