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Get in Shape with a Daily Exercise Plan

Daily Exercise Plan

If I were to make a YouTube exercise video pertaining to the proper ways of exercising, it would be a well thought out and effective plan. In my exercise video I would include the most effective workouts and the healthiest nutrition plan to get the job done. My video would be easy to follow, and would be well-suited for any individual who is trying to participate in a program to lose a lot of weight in a healthy way.

My exercise video would include fundamental, yet efficient, exercises that target multiple muscles when you perform them. It would feature main exercises such as squats, bench pressing, and dead lifting. It would also include many cardiovascular exercises that are good for your muscles, your heart, and your overall self. Some of the cardiovascular exercises are sit-ups and running.

A big part of the exercise video would also be the aspect of nutrition. I would provide an in-depth meal plan and many other tips regarding eating right. I would also include meal plans for people with certain diseases or health problems.

In my video I would also provide the truth instead of telling them, “Do this routine and eat like this and you’ll lose ten pounds in a week.” That is simply just not true, and by saying things like this all you do is disappoint the people when they workout for a week and don't see the promised results.

My video would be a success because it would feature the quintessential aspects of losing weight, and doesn’t contain any unnecessary information like a lot of other exercise videos. I plan to make this video not only to better the lives of others, but also to make myself feel better because I am doing a lot of people a favor.

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