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Frozen Food Diets

Frozen Food Diets by bistroMD was developed by Dr. Cederquist to help you lose weight in a convenient way.


Frozen packaged meals have been around for a long time. They haven't always been desirable though. With people getting increasingly busy these days they don't always have time to cook a nutritious, diet friendly, meal. Companies have started to clue into this fact, making new dietary frozen foods that are actually palatable.

Now companies are putting a considerable effort into creating great low calorie, nutritious frozen food diets. Companies hire world class chefs, put the food through rigorous taste testing, select fresh ingredients, and spend hours on complementary recipes. Companies like NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, and BistroMD are the best choices.

Frozen food diets are convenient and provide portion control so you are not over eating. Price does vary though. When you go to the grocery store make sure you know what you are looking for. A lot of consumers get confused because a lot of the packaging says "diet" or "low carb." Those labels aren't necessarily true. Sometimes it's just marketing to get people to buy their product, and when you get it home pop it in the microwave you find it tastes like cardboard.

Sometimes portion control is enough to help you lose weight. In today's exploding fast food and all-you-can-eat-buffet society it's hard to know what a proper portion consists of. With a frozen food diet meal, whether nutritious or not, you can get proper portions that can help you shed a few pounds and get in the habit of having smaller portions.

A lot of frozen food diet meals say low calorie on the packaging. It is usually true and in today's calorie-phobic world a lot of people are attracted to a low calorie diet. There are dangers in a low calories diet. Our bodies need calories to carry out a lot of functions. Everything from: Breathing, digestion, circulation, and healing. You will want at least 1,200 calories per day to keep a normal metabolic rate.

Another thing to look for when buying a frozen food diets portion is make sure there is a decent portion of vegetables or grains. Vegetables and grains are perfect for any diet you are on. Vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals, something we all need no matter our weight or diet. Grains are great to boost your energy.

When buying any frozen food diets product you want to make sure it is low in sodium. Sodium is quite harmful and can help cause a heart attack later in life. Make sure the box is labeled "reduced sodium."

There are lots of frozen food diets out there to help you along with your diet. A few things to remember are: keep the sodium low, vegetables high, and your caloric intake at a healthy level. Always read the nutritional facts on the side of the packaging. No matter what your dietary needs there is a healthy nutritional frozen meal for you, and if you can't find it in stores there is always someone who will deliver it to you.

Written By bistroMD Team. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on June 17, 2019.


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