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From Old To New Generation

“Grandpa make it I want it now I do not feel good. I need your broth soup before I die.” I thought I would die that day if I did not have his famous soup which no one in my family can make but my grandfather himself. He was always the one in my family to make recipes from scratch and if he messed up it would still make your nose walk off your face to the smell.

When I was 6 I became ill all the time and when I was sick I always wanted to be with my papa and gama (grandma). I would go to their house and just sit with him all day he would feed me anything I wanted I even think he sneaked the medicine in the food. He would talk to me about the days when he could watch movie for so cheap and the ice cream parlors. We would do all kinds of things together but the one reason I love being sick was the soup he would make. You would not need anything with it at all you just take one taste and your taste buds would melt because the perfection of the soup was so delectable. I would sit and watch him through ingredients in the pan that looked like a bathtub then to me and the outcome was that soup that made my breath fade away. I would take that soup and inhale the smell and the taste. I loved being at their house to be near the food that walked out of the kitchen. Years passed but that soup helped me every time I had a problem and every year my papa got older. When I would come over he would talk to me about every day things, we would watch TV and then came the soup. It was a specialty to get it then because he was getting older and I knew it was going to happen. Three years later he was gone with the angels in the sky and with him went the recipe flying home.

I had my chance to copy and keep it but to me it was his, it was my medicine to our friendship and love. He gave me that recipe and I knew where it belonged with him in the sky and in my heart. Now I cook now not to make a meal but in remembrance of him and all the things that brought us together. I love to think of what he once told me “In your heart is where you will find yourself”. I find myself everyday little pieces of me.

I think that the quote “Let food be thy medicine” is a quote which I do believe in because my medicine was that soup that helped me become closer to my papa. Food can have many tastes and be served many was but in my condition it was served with love. Love for cooking and knowing that it will help some other than myself.

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