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Food Is Life

Hippocrates meant that we should use food to help prevent us from contracting diseases because we need food to survive. Food acts as medicine because it protects us from getting sick. Without food, we can get lightheaded, dizzy, experience fatigue, and many other symptoms. It helps us stay focused and alert to our surroundings by supplying us with essential vitamins, nutrients, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and other important ingredients. Lack of food hinders us from functioning properly and we should use it to keep us from experiencing any physical problems. Food is an essential part of life that is sustains our well being.

When Hippocrates said this quote, it was probably during a time when there was a paucity of medicine available. Food was probably the main source of protection from various illnesses because it contained many salubrious ingredients. It kept people from getting sick and having to experience physical discomfort. Similar to food that provides important vitamins, minerals, etc; medicines like penicillin contains ingredients that help prevent serious illnesses. There are various types of medicine accessible that are salutary. However, we must be careful as to what kind of medicine we use because some are dangerous. Food is the same way, not all foods are healthy and we should be cautious as to what we put inside our bodies.

Food is eaten for two reasons: to satisfy our hunger and to alleviate the emotional pain we experience when an unfortunate event happens. The same way medicine is used to treat various diseases and ailments, we eat food to treat physical hunger and emotional distress. Have you ever felt dejected on certain days where you would just eat your favorite foods nonstop to achieve satiety? We use food to help “cure” our problems. Pizza, French fries, cheeseburgers, tacos, rice, chicken, hotdogs, among other foods, are eaten because of the memories we associate with them as well as how we feel. Food being linked to medicine is a psychological idea.

The taste, texture, and look of different types of food dictate our preferences. Depending on how we feel, we will eat certain foods because the taste provokes good memories and consoles us. Medicine and food are equivalents since we use it to relieve physical pain and hunger, respectively. We associate food with our emotions by choosing foods that bring us to a state of happiness. For instance, a family member had just passed away and you may find eating pizza and ice satisfactory. Food acts as a consolation for our emotions by impacting what we eat.

Food is like medicine because we use it to “cure” our appetites and comfort our feelings. It is a way to bring us back to having pleasant memories and happy thoughts. Food relieves us from feelings of sadness, rejection, hurt, and many other negative feelings. It is not only a means of staying alive; it is also healthy for your body, depending on what you are eating. Food acts as sustenance that people cannot live without because we would cease to function properly.

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