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Feeling Full to Lose Weight: How is This Possible?

Feeling FullNow that you have experienced the wonderful taste of our food, you are probably asking yourself, why is there so much of it? The purpose of going on a diet is to lose weight, but many people think that food portions have to be small and non-filling in order for successful weight loss to occur. This is simply not the case with BistroMD. It may seem strange, but our diet plans are designed to keep you feeling full and satisfied, all so that you can lose weight and keep it off.

Trust us, there ARE methods to this madness, in fact, one of the methods is called fiber. Many of the BistroMD meals contain foods with a good dose of fiber. Fiber is great for losing weight because it makes you feel satisfied, but not overstuffed. These foods are things like vegetables and whole grains. With a good dose of fiber, your food cravings are controlled because you don’t feel like you need to eat anything else. What’s also great about fiber is the fact that it can pass through your body without being metabolized. Instead of being a nutrient, dietary fiber is actually a string of sugar molecules that pass through your body. These molecules don’t get metabolized so they provide you with very little to no calories. High-fiber foods also hang out in your stomach longer, so your food cravings are kept under control.

You may have also noticed that BistroMD provides you with meals that are rich in protein. We do provide you with a lot of protein, it’s just the good kind of protein without all of the fat. The chicken and the fish that is found in our meals are all forms of lean quality protein. When you are trying to lose weight, it is important that your body has the right balance of essential fats and protein. Developing this type of balance on your own is difficult, which is why BistroMD does all of the food planning for you. We understand that in order to lose weight, your body needs to take in fewer calories. If you don’t have the right balance of protein and essential fats, your body will break down muscle tissue to fill a void. This is the main reason why our meals are so focused on lean proteins. With the balance of protein, fat, and fewer calories, your body will build a leaner muscle mass and your metabolism experience a boost.

Feeling full and satisfied after eating may seem strange while you are on a diet, but there is a great reason behind it. With the proper balance of each of the essential foods, BistroMD has made it our mission to make sure you lose weight using with proper portions and the practice of nutritional balance. You will never have to second guess about what you put into your body because we have got you covered!

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