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Family Participation in Exercising

The internet and social media has had a huge effect on how children view exercising. Exercising has become less important and most kids spend their time on technology; such as network socializing and playing video games.

One way to stress the importance of exercise within a family is to spend more time outdoors, and less time indoors. For example, taking a bicycle ride around the neighborhood, or just simply taking a brisk walk. Water sports are another way of exercising as well. Swimming or surfing requires large muscle groups, thus requiring more energy; leading to better health and coordination. Not to mention, they are a lot of fun. It may not be easy to motivate your family or siblings to exercise, but one way to gain motivation is to involve family participation. Playing team sports such as tag football, softball, or even kickball can involve all members of the family.

Catch your family by surprise one weekend, and take a trip to the park and play one of these games. Do not forget to bring enough water for everyone; staying hydrated is extremely important when exercising. When trying to motivate your family to exercise, do not begin by telling them that you are actually going to exercise. Simply say that you wish to spend time with everyone together.

In order to get people to exercise daily, it’s best to start with something simple and reachable with goals. Goals, as in becoming more physically active and better in tune with their bodies that could lead to lead to overall loss of weight and better health. Starting with something simple, such as taking a bike ride around the area, or even swimming in your pool at home, or in your local neighborhood could definitely get the child interested.

Swimming and bike riding are both accessible and reach goals! Biking makes you sweat and swimming uses many important muscle groups that allow you to have better health. Help crush the power and influence of the social media on your kids! Show them the importance of exercising and the special value of spending time together as a family. Those bike rides, or days at the pool or beach could become some of their best childhood memories.

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