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Expert Q&A: My Night

Expert Q&A: My Night

An interview with Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D.

That was an idea based on my experience helping people lose weight over the past ten years. I believe that there are no foods that are completely taboo even when dieting as long as they are reigned in with regards to frequency.

I believe that food should be enjoyed which is why we have put so much effort into the research and development of each BistroMD meal to provide the nutritional content I demand but also the great taste I demand. I believe if I tell a patient that they can never eat fettuccine Alfredo or chocolate cake, then they will think about this food excessively, feel deprived and eventually give in to temptation and then feel guilty. This cycle of deprival leads to giving up and doesn’t allow long term weigh loss.

Instead, I believe that any food can fit into the weight loss plan once a week and still allow results. Knowing that you can have your favorite meal once a week decreases the eating and snacking we do unconsciously or just because “it is there”. It is easier to pass up these foods that are ever present in our environment that are good but not great tasting because we know we can have the foods we really love some times.

I have found that for some clients initially the “My Night” meal was a real feast and high in calories. However, most people find that with time, just knowing that you can have your favorite meal again makes the need to overindulge so much less. And most people find that they feel so much better when they eat the BistroMD meals that they end up choosing lighter and healthier foods even when they go out for the “My Night” treat meal.

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