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Expert Q&A: How can I eat such a large amount of food on the BistroMD meal plan and still lose weight?

Expert Q&A: How can I eat such a large amount of food on the BistroMD meal plan and still lose weight?

Dieting Advice from Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D.

One of the most common calls we receive from clients is that the meal plan provides so much food that it is hard to believe that one can lose weight on this plan.

Many people who diet actually starve themselves and think that is what is necessary to lose weight. However, eating inadequate nutrients perpetuates the cycle of weight loss and regain because you lose fat free mass and not fat. This causes your metabolic rate to slow. A low calorie diet can provide a lot of food, volume and satiety (the feeling of fullness) if it is planned properly.

The BistroMD meal plan contains a lot of fiber from vegetables and whole grains which make you feel full. The portions of protein are large and satisfying because they are lean, and not prepared with large amounts of fat. There is a certain volume of food that most of us need to eat in order to feel full. The BistroMD meal plan provides fiber, whole grain, lean protein and healthy fats so you can eat a large volume of food and it is still low in calorie. This nutrient balance is time consuming and it does take skill to make low calorie meals taste great, but that is what BistroMD has done for you.

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