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Everyday Nutrition, The Right Way

By: Joey Edwards

After three meals a day consisting of sponge like substances saturated with artificial flavoring and copious amounts of food coloring in a desperate attempt to cover up the mix of byproduct and poor ingredients used to assemble this massacre we call a meal, I find myself choking down dozens of vitamins in even stranger colors and shapes then the previous display of false nutrition. I do this not for my health, but to shut out that nagging voice inside my head. I realize that this is a poor execution of a healthy lifestyle, but I’ll suppress it to avoid the uncomfortable change.

This voice is usually a soft whisper hinting at what I should do, but it is now a full blown scream chastising me for my insufficient diet. I figure this voice is common amongst Americans but has faded into the background of our busy lifestyle, joining in the chorus of our better judgment warning against our current obsession with cutting corners in our fast-paced lives.

There is very little that is appealing in this diet, however I am drawn in by the ease and speed of retrieving my meal that has been made up for me so I can continue on my way to what I feel are more important endeavors.

I’ll admit these greasy, crispy fries are appealing in the moment, but only if I’m preoccupied with something more tasking then deliberating my food. But, in the occasion that I slow down and take a look at what it is that I’m consuming, it becomes obvious that this is a poor excuse for a meal. It even becomes almost unbearable to eat and I find that this does little more for me then provide the bare essentials to sustain life, and even will fall short at that after prolonged intake. My mind wonders at the irony, in such an advanced society with the world at our finger tips, so many suffer from malnutrition. Our indulgence of unhealthy foods is the other extreme of the malnutrition that is happening in third world countries, but could eventually bring us to the same end. And the voice in my head once again ensues, and I try to pacify it with another hand full of my budget brand mystery vitamins.

When looking at my life it is obvious that I have a lot to do, and perhaps sitting down for a gourmet meal is not only impractical, but also a bit absurd. With so many important things to do, is it even possible to fit a quality meal into my day? Perhaps it is if I look at what this could do for my life.

It’s no secret that I like to sleep, so it should be understandable if I fall asleep in class, right? It only sets me back a little. Exercising is a great idea, but who has the energy? My running into work late will have to suffice. I get sick, sure, but who doesn’t? That’s why we have “sick days.”

Upon closer inspection, I’ve found that perhaps there is a single solution. And maybe a full diet is more important than I’d been fooling myself to think.

We all know that in most cases, a quality, healthy meal generally takes more time to receive and costs more money. But would it be worth it to put an end to so many short comings in our life? Perhaps we would even come out better financially after curing our short-falls with proper nutrition.

Eating a proper diet makes for a healthier person. There is no denying it. And once you take out the unhealthy that has served as our diet, the difference is more than most might expect. Your body was designed to run from the nutrition provided by the many different sources of whole foods. When your body gets what it needs, it works more efficiently and properly.

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