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Emotional Eating: Learning to Cope Without Using Food as a Crutch

Emotional Eating

What do you do when life throws more at you than you can handle? When a big break up occurs or a fight with a friend and you get home full of emotion and don’t know what to do with yourself?

Some people choose to listen to music, or call a friend, but many teens chose to stuff their faces with sugar and other unhealthy foods. This is done in order to make the sugar rush and the feeling of being close to bursting make them forget about their problems. As much as this habit of emotional eating sometimes makes you feel better, it is unhealthy and will not solve any problems.

I witnessed this recently when I followed a friend home to comfort her after a huge breakup. Right when we got to her house her tears started flowing and I watched her in awe, and slight horror, as she went around her house looking through the fridge and pantry and gorging herself with food. I stopped her and asked what she was doing to which she explained that eating helps her.

Confused and intrigued, I asked if stuffing herself was going to help anything and she answered no. After a long consultation I convinced her not to base her eating habits on emotions and if she did feel like eating a lot to at least to try to eat healthier food.

Many teens need to realize that emotional eating is a very serious habit that can lead to obesity or even bulimia and can be very hazardous to one’s health. Sharing information to others about the dangers of emotional eating is also a very healthy way to keep others from this dangerous and unhealthy habit.

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