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Emotional Eating Leads to Weight Gain

Emotional Eating

It’s said that emotional eating occurs when someone is at their weakest point. They can’t help but to want to eat their feelings away, or to eat food to comfort them. Teenagers face this problem quite often.

Emotional eating can be for a number of reasons including relationship conflicts, stress, unemployment, and the loss of a loved one. Most of the time, people confuse emotional eating with physical hunger, but there are major differences between the two that can help you see what you really are feeling.

A friend of mine was having a really bad two years of her life. Her parents got divorced and they moved into separate houses, both parents got new spouses, and she had a change in friends and schools. All of these things really put a big burden on her, so she did what any teenager would do, eat. At first, my friends and I didn’t notice that this was beginning to become a serious problem. We didn’t mention to her that eating wasn’t going to solve anything, and we kind of figured that she would stop the overeating and get better in short time. We were wrong.

It wasn’t until about 4 months later that we realized that this was starting to spiral out of control. She was gaining weight left and right and starting to not only eat more, but eat more unhealthily. Once her parents and friends started to see these changes, in a kind way, we mentioned to her that she wasn’t eating right and it was starting to affect her drastically.

With encouraging words I got her to go to the gym with me and start eating a little bit better. It was a struggle for her to stick to a diet and work out on a daily basis, but she did it. I’m happy to say that she has lost the weight she put on from that hard time in her life and is living a much happier and healthier life without dealing with emotional eating.

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