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Emotional Eating: An Attachment to Food

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating has its roots in actual emotions. Women tell me they eat spontaneously when they are: angry, sad, ashamed, disgusted, scared, lonely, jealous, restless, and bored.

Interestingly, the causes often turn out to involve core imbalances. This means that something is off in one or more of their internal systems. While the imbalance has created physical symptoms, it may also have put the body into a state where it retains extra weight.

Even if you suspect an emotional attachment to food, your inability to lose weight may also be connected to a core imbalance.

Women frequently use food to feel better emotionally. If you’re an emotional eater, there’s plenty of reason for hope, you can find a new perspective on eating. You can learn to choose when and what you eat, instead of just eating impulsively during an emotional event.

Emotional eating is eating for reasons other than hunger. Rather than the physical symptom of hunger initiating the eating, an emotion plays the part instead.

Emotional eating issues and attachments to food, your subconscious feelings about it, are unique to the individual. Many diet “experts” say women gain weight because they comfort themselves with food, sometimes to excess. This can trigger waves of guilt and disgust for many women, who come to believe they are just compulsive overeaters with no self-control. But it isn’t true. Real compulsive overeaters eat because they are in the middle of an emotional emergency and are desperate to quiet what is actually emotional “hunger.”

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